Metal To Infinity

Because of some private circumstances I didnít receive all releases of 2011 on time. God damned! Redemption, Exxplorer, BheŽlerÖ are still not in my hands and I really hope to receive them this week although there isnít that much hope. Iíve noticed these releases are very strong and friends told me they could make it in my year list. Unfortunately they probably wonít. Because I canít postpone finishing this list for several weeks. When we talk about Progressive Metal there were some highlights this year. The new Dream Theater, Arch/Matheos, Leviathan, Eumeria, Epysode, MyrathÖ Oh yes, all are worth checking them out and from out of the blue I received this album from out of Bulgaria.  

Thanks to Myrath, from Tunis I was open minded enough to give this one a very good listen. Myrath proved that Metal has no boundaries and especially in this particular genre Iíve heard multiple awesome releases from non-Metal countries before.   

Domain Of Dreams takes me by the throat with their intro and Iím focused at once. From that point all I hear is fantastic Progressive Metal with very strong arrangements! The songs are varied without getting an overdose of technical played structures. The last years most Progressive bands are working hard on keeping the red lines into their music and therefore this genre is ready to become more accessible for a bigger crowd.  

This band released albums before but I doubt they will be easy to find. Thatís a pity because I really enjoyed this one because of the way the music is written and performed. The band has something theatrical into their music and itís rather impressive to hear. Hard passages are weaved into melancholic parts for which Domain Of Dreams uses pianos, violins and cellos, awesome played keyboards. The rhythm sections are supported by all instruments but warm enough to keep the listenerís attention. Here and there thereís a bit of an exotic Southern touch and all the way I hear first class guitars. Harder it is to get into the vocals; I have the impression people will like or dislike it. Daniel Radev has, in my opinion, a good voice but often heís floating with his timbre so much that it might be a difficult point for some listeners. I donít really mind because the ensemble fits. 

What I do remember from this one are the fast fingered guitars, the exciting way the songs are performed and the fact Domain Of Dreams contains five superb musicians. Not the best Progressive Metal album Iíve heard this year but good enough to excite every fan of this genre. Check them out at

My Points: 83 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)