Metal To Infinity

This dragon breathes fire again, for the third time. These German Metal heads released an EP and an album called “Visions Of Fire” before. Not that they were world shocking but they were certainly good enough to please the listener. Dragonsfire represents their newest album in a very professional en rather original promo version, hail them for it! Add a nice front cover and nothing could hold me to ‘let the music do the talking’.

The album takes of with a short intro and from there one after another hard hitting Heavy metal track is heading my way. It’s mostly obvious to recognize Dragonsfire as an European, even German band. The typical kind of song writing, the specific sort of vocal lines… Besides these points of recognition it’s clear what the sources of inspiration were for Dragonsfire; pure Eighties Heavy Metal.

Originality is not what Dragonsfire is after but it seems they want to be part of that well known German true Metal community. With this kind of music they will succeed, this kind of music has anything to please the kind of crowd I used to meet at German Festivals. I discovered some great riffs on this one, even better guitar solos and not for a second I was bored.

If you’re into bands like Running Wild, Grave Digger, a bit Helloween there and a slice of Accept on the other side you will adore Dragonsfire. Add a bit Pantera or Annihilator and you'll get the perfect idea what I am talking about... This band doesn’t stay away from the clichés but who cares anyway. Dragonsfire stand for 100% pure Heavy Metal and I respect their honesty and the fact they’re faithful to Heavy metal. This kind of bands will never sell their soul for fame because Heavy Metal is in their blood, in their veins!

Songs that pleased me were “Raging Fire”, especially “King Without A Crown” and “Ghosts”. No disappointments, neither mind blowing songs, Dragonsfire is just decent qualitative Heavy Metal, 'pur sang' if you know what I am talking about. Better than plenty of mediocre bands, not good enough to be memorable... This is the perfect kind of music to warm you up at a gig, with beer and smokes in hands. I believe this band is able to keep on producing CD’s that will all be equally rated and that’s not a negative point! Check this release out at http://www.myspace.com/dragonsfiremetal.

My points: 77 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)