Metal To Infinity

This band is from Vienna, Austria – founded back in 2007, back then they called Dragonslayer Project but as time passed by they decided to go further under a shorter, more efficient name Dragony. First they’ve worked with so called guest musicians which, with time, have been replaced through dedicated / additional players. Finally six members belonged to the official line-up, one by one they worked pretty hard to create their own songs and own, strong live reputation.  The name of the band was well distributed because of the awesome live acts they delivered as support for the likes of Firewind, Axxis, Edenbridge, Sonata Arctica, Paul Di’Anno and Serenity. Wherever they performed, Dragony were received with open arms and that was just a start… 

To be precisely, their debut album “Legends” will be released through excellent Power Metal house Limb Music on June 22, 2012. They built up their regular line-up through the years but nevertheless, on “Legends” a few guest musicians like Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear), Tom Tieber from Ecliptica and Katie Joanne & Phil Porter (both Siren’s Cry) are offering their talents. Line up containing out of six originals plus extra forces coming from well-known guests… this feels like ‘nothing can go wrong’, right? I actually that’s the way it is, Dragony’s debut album “Legends” is a real good piece, mainly if you’re addicted by Symphonic Euro Power Metal in the vein of Edguy, Sabaton, Dragonforce, Avantasia, Rhapsody Of Fire, Stratovarius and stuff. The band has a very good vocalist within the ranks, all fits as it should be – actually this melodic, symphonic Metal machine runs smoothly without being into troubles for sure.  

All starts with a classical introduction followed by the quite rapid song ‘Burning Skies’ featuring Ralf Scheepers… good start for the album! Next ‘Land Of The Broken Dreams’ sounds even better to me, all has to do with the amazing guitar lines of both axemen named D. Poppernitsch and Daniel Stockinger those who fully demand my attention. These guys’ technical skills seems sincere and very mature, good job guys! The original vocals of Siegfried Samer are another bonus for Dragony – clear, powerful and stable as a rock… no reason to complain at all. People into Epic Metal should have take a good listen to ‘the Longest Night’ (running time: 8:30) and according to myself, best song of all. Lots of variation are present and that makes the song entirely acceptable / joyful. One minute they go for fast rhythms while the other minute brings on more easy on the ear movements, also very good vocals and excellent guitar wielders able to keep me wide awake! 

Dragony is a band with a lot of talent on board of their ship – I really like their original singer as well as I’ve been spoiled by the guitar players mainly. This so called Symphonic Power Metal gem is hard to survive because the rivalry inside the movement is burning bright, we can’t deny that. Signing a deal with Limb Music will definitely influence Dragony in a favourable manner. That’s a big step in the right direction, it will help to abroad their name anyhow. “Legends” doesn’t feel original at all, absolutely real good players they are undoubtedly but due to personal reasons and with all of respect, this type of Metal will never blow me away. See for yourself is my advise in the end. More info can be find back HERE. 

My Points: 84 / 100 (Review by Stefan)