Metal To Infinity

When this CD came in I was quite sure it wasnít a new one. Iíve mentioned this one before on the Internet and I remember there was a link with Images Of Eden, a Progressive Metal band from out of the USA. The link between both bands is Gordon Tittsworth, vocalist. Another link between these bands is that both are signed by Nightmare Records, Lance Kingís specialized label for Progressive Power Metal.

Another reason why I remembered the band is that Iíve read they support the US soldiers at the warzones of Asia. The American soldiers already left Iraq and as far as I know the last US soldiers will leave Afghanistan pretty soon. Itís good to hear a Metal band supports these soldiers! I know lots of people are criticising the American War politics but how unsafe would the world be without them? We have to thank the Americans for the peace in Europe, for the fact we live in a world where we can talk about Metal instead of constantly struggling for life! I am actually jealous because this country keeps on fighting against extreme Muslims, something that canít be said about my own countryÖ

Letís talk music now, letís talk about Metal which is an universal genre in which belief, race and background doesnít count at all! Dread The Forsaken is a band that really should be heard by fans of US (Progressive) Power Metal. ďGive me woundsĒ opens this album, a track that was added to an unique compilation album from which the profits were donated to wounded US soldiers. Itís a good track that immediately shows what Dread The Forsaken is all about.

This record is full of outstanding Powerful riffs and the strong production on the guitars empowers the arrangements. Because of the razor sharp riffs I suppose even fans of mid-tempo Thrash Metal, think Annihilator or Meliah Rage, could be interested. Every song hits hard, is varied and contains melodic refrains. Nevertheless the band doesnít succeed in writing music that keeps on playing in my mind.

Fans of the bands like Antithesis, Syrinx, Spirit Web etc. really should check out this release. Itís full of first class riffing and interesting hooks. Singer Gordon Tittsworth really contains a good voice although his singing was more impressive with Images Of Eden. Anyway its clear that some good musicians are at work here and some leads will easily convince you to believe my words. I suppose the Progressive backgrounds of these musicians has a lot to do with it. On the title track you hear how talented Gordon Tittsworth really is. So yes, I believe this band is capable in doing more but needs to proceed in song writing. Maybe a new album in the future will prove me right. Check these guys out at http://www.dread-rocks.com.

My Points: 84 / 100 (Review by officer Nice)