Metal To Infinity

I’d like to start this Monday morning with a great feel – spreading the word of one of my favourite Classic Metal acts named Drifter's new demo makes my day terrible good! Drifter who was formed in 1984 is a Swiss based formation and released besides 2 legendary demo’s “Tales Of Dragonia” (1985) and “Beyond The Burning Circles” (1987), Drifter also unleashed two unforgettable, amazingly good longplayers entitled “Reality Turns To Dust” (1888) and “Nowhere To Hide” one year later on. Classic Metal maniacs definitely will remember these efforts like they were unleashed on yesterday. If you can’t  remember anything about Drifter, there’s something wrong with your memory or you’re not worth at all to describe yourself as a true defender of old school Heavy Metal music! 

In 2006, Stormspell Records brought out the CD version of “The Demo’s: 1985 & 1986”… excellent Metal played as it should be – releases like this get the most highest form of appreciating from me – Drifter is what pure Heavy Metal is all about for sure! 

We’re living in the year 2010 right now and the good news is that Drifter is back… hell yeah, they just released a three-song effort called “Demo 2010” and I'm really pleased with the final result! More than two decades after the release of their latest album, these Swiss lads are completely back and how?! To speak about a comeback… you’ve got one here people! What made Drifter so special way back in the eighties? In the first place their great singer Tommy Lion who’s still present and in very good shape nowadays. His memorable, loud and clear (with high pitchings) seem to be untouched… quite hard to believe he can handle almost exact the same way of vocal use like he did so many years (decades) ago. GREAT! A fantastic frontman surrounded by a bunch of other excellent musicians, those were the day Drifter made our feasts on Heavy Metal music complete. 

First song on their new 2010 demo entitled “The Clown” takes you by the throat right on. Awesome Power / Speed Metal – hearing this song only, I knew Drifter was back with a vengeance. Still awesome vocals and speed up twin guitar riffings with fast double bass drums and thundering bass lines – superb! Two other, new songs awaiting to break out… firstly ‘Dream Eagle’ followed by ‘Tortured Brain’ and be sure this is first class Heavy Metal music. Nothing to do with the nowadays, mainstream way of Metal… Drifter kept their faith in Classic Metal and that’s the right spirit to me. Three new songs from legendary Drifter bring on good old memories from the past – important point is they’re back in pride and glory and hopefully a new full length effort will be released the sooner the better! 

Besides the new tracks, the demo also contains a few older works such as ‘So Much Blood’ / ‘Strontium Dog’ taken from “Nowhere To Hide” and ‘Reality Turns To Dust’ / ‘Highlander’ from “Reality Turns To Dust”. Adding these older songs to a new demo seems a very good idea to me. Those who never heard of Drifter before (shame on you!) get a second chance to meet a wonderful Classic Metal band from Switzerland.  

I'm satisfied with the new songs and truly hope they will bring out a brandnew, full-length effort soon. Awaiting that moment, I will keep on playing their new tracks over and over again as well as Drifter’s older songs such as can be heard on both “Nowhere To Hide” and “Reality Turns To Dust” – actually two excellent classics to me. Good to know Drifter is back on the trax, ready to deliver Metal music in a highly appreciated way!  

Expand or refresh your eighties Metal knowledge, check out Drifter at: http://www.drifter.ch/  or  http://www.myspace.com/driftermetal    

My Points: 90 / 100 (Review by Stefan)