Metal To Infinity

Dyscordia is a six piece Metal band from West-Flanders Belgium who’s ready to release their debut / self financed EP entitled “Reveries” at the end of November 2010. Within the band’s ranks you will find back a bunch of high skilled musicians – each one of these guys played in other acts before, a few names are: Artrach, Battalion, Gwyllion, Impedigon, Anesthesy. So actually Dyscordia arose from the ashes of all these but believe me when I say that you ain’t hear nothing yet – the best has yet to come! 

Speaking for myself, I really liked the band Artrach because of their familiar touches with US Proggressive Metal. I'm completely hooked on the almighty forces of US Metal since the very early eighties, Artrach were able to fulfil the most of my desires. Especially their latest output called “…And In Fate We Rest” was a great result of Progressive Metal played in a very technical way. A while ago, when the news linger on that they were no longer active, it did not feel good. Why? Well, Artach was a great band with a lot of potential to me – they were totally able to compete with the rest of the world wide Progmetal scene for sure but unfortunately it could not have been. But there is hope for the future it seems… 

Three Artrach ex-members  are back with a vengeance and surrounded by three other well skilled players they will slice back even harder and much better than ever before. A while ago, bassist Wouter aka Noteleire let me know about his new band Dysordia – he also told me about a few songs that were added to their official homepage. First there was a song called ‘Black Clown’ followed by a second one entitled ‘The Empty Room’. While checking out the first one I was truly astonished – started with a flammable guitar riff of Guy Commeene, the final result of this track seem awesome to me. Based on a pure technical way of acting, ‘Black Clown’ had a lot to offer. The awesome clear vocals of Piet Overstijns still pleases me endlessly – yeah, sometimes he takes me by the throat with a nice pair of high pitched screams and again… as US Metal defender, I'm completey pleased with this way vocal use. Fantastic technical guitar tactics to swallow, heavy loaded brilliant bass lines, double bass drum works,… nothing but great words to tell about a song line this. 

But I was curious about the rest of the EP as well – in advantage I got the opportunity to check them all out and according to my opinion – “Reveries” from Belgian based Dyscordia sounds very promising! Each song – different character… As for the vocal way, they use a perfect combination of both clear (sometimes high pitched) and death grunts. I’d rather prefer the clear vocals but that’s a more personal question you know. I have to admit that based on the vocals only, I'm a really pleased individual! Every now and than, the songs have a dark character which is a good point to me. Damn right, all the guitar moves presented throughout the entire EP are made of a very high quality. Killer riffs superior, top-notch solo works – this means world class to me and allows me to say that Guy Commeene stands on top of the Belgian list of guitar players for sure! His way of pulling string speaks to my imagination so… I'm pleased - again! 

So people – Dyscordia’s is about to release their debut EP “Reveries” within a few weeks (read end November 2010). Fans of technical / melodic and very powerful Progressive Metal with both clear and death grunt like vocals – go take a pre-listening HERE. On the fourth of December 2010 they will share the stage with bands like Primal Fear, Revamp, Iron Mask and more during the next edition of Frostrock, a festival that’ll take place in Kuurne – Belgium.  

I hope Dyscordia will find the right people to catch a major record deal really soon – I see a very promising bunch of excellent musicians able to survive the competition with tons of other acts and yes, I'm sure they will defend their own ground with a lot of Belgian mighty Metal force!! Wanna hear a  very promising / talented, melodic and technical Progressive Power Metal act as it should be - don't hesitate to find out more on Dyscordia's official homepage as linked HERE . 

My POints: 90 / 100 (Review by Stefan)