Metal To Infinity

With Held Under, Amulance, Cauldron Born and Fatal Violence Stormspell Records delivered me already some first class US Metal. Enforcer is another American pure Heavy Metal band which demos just saw the lights of day on CD. Fantastic! Let me start to talk about the front cover first; a fantastic one! The colors, the design, the entire atmosphere it is breathing; amazing! And the bandís picture at the back is fantastic as well! This is how Metal heads looked like in the eighties and this is how we wanted to be dressed so many years ago. Times has changedÖ 

This album takes off with 'High Reason',  a superb track to start the album with. The production isnít from the highest quality and the music reminds me to 'Ashes Tell No Tales' from  Fatal Violence, another fantastic release by Stormspell Records. As a matter of fact this entire album reminds me strongly of Fatal Violence. By reading both booklets I find the reason why; both bands have the same singer, Doug Trevisan. This man owns a pretty unique vocal sound, somewhat mysterious, clear and powerful! 

Enforcer plays typical eighties US Metal. After all these years I still canít get  enough of itÖ Especially the way these guitar solos are played and the singer is touching the higher notes are amazing. 'Salemís Curse' is the perfect example for what I am saying and proves how important long guitar solos were in those days. Nowadays it is rare to hear such long guitar solos, often it is a pity.  

Anyway Enforcer delivers first class Heavy Metal and it is obvious this band contained good song writers in those days. 'Final Conflict' is another fantastic track, the atmosphere in it is dark, gloomy, so god damn eightiesÖ Fans of NWOBHM, Doom Metal and traditional US Heavy Metal will bow their head deep for this track! Often the band adds a slight Progressive touch. The further you go into this release, the more good tracks you may find. 'Born To Avenge' and 'Enforcer' for example are more up tempo songs you should really check out! 

In my opinion a Metal band often needs two guitarists to make the music sound heavier. If not, the guitar player has to be exceptional in what heís doing, making his instrument alive if you know what I mean. Black Sabbath or should I say Heaven and Hell is a perfect example for it but I do know plenty of other bands who proved me wrong. Anyway, Enforcer is another band that brings high quality music with only one guitar player. Let me tell you also the drums are varied an well played, making a strong base for every track. 

Often it is hard to understand why bands like Enforcer never really broke through in the eighties. Nowadays this music may sound Ďdatedí but itís not that easy to find bands  playing with such an emotional touch. Thereís a lot to say about the production of these demos but an objective listener should say most songs on this release are just outstanding. I would like to hear these songs in a newer version, with a better and stronger production. Iím quite sure it would blow us all away and my rate would have been at least ten points higher! 

Stormspell Records added a DVD with this release, containing live tracks from a concert in a little club in Chicago in 2008. Let me tell you, although the recordings arenít at all professional, the band is still delivering first class Metal. It means the band is alive and kicking and yes; this band needs to re-record their classic tracks and should write new material! Great release Check  http://www.myspace.com/enforcermusic  or  http://www.stormspell.com

My points:82 /100 (Review by Officer Nice)