Metal To Infinity

Cleveland, Ohio is the place where Eternal Legacy lives by the forces of Metal. Back in 2007, these guys released a debut effort entitled “The Coming Of The Tempest” through almighty and legendary label named Auburn Records, formed decades ago by Bill Peters. Back then I’ve discussed the CD and due to I was quite impressed in the end, the band got my approval right on because of their outstanding way of delivering US Power / Heavy Metal! Very positive, but straight from the heart words I wrote on the album, I hoped for a sequel and I was rewarded. Two years later on, Eternal Legacy was back with e second, pure US Metal assault on the ears, entitled “Lifeless Alive” released by Auburn Records. 

I can hear you think something about the fact this review comes online much too late but that’s a wrong thought guys! Keep in mind that good Heavy Metal music is timeless so with pleasure and total dignity, I’d like to spread the words on Eternal Legacy’s second output “Lifeless Alive” even the fact the album has been officially released in 2009. 

Excited I was with “The Coming Of The Tempest” the more I am with the follow up “Lifeless Alive”. Damn sure this one is really good! With certainty, I dare to say that this second one is better than their debut album  - less Progressive Metal minded but with a harder and more Classic Metal spiced sound and that feels wonderful to me. Natural born Metal maniacs and brothers Vanek (Jason-rhythm guitar/vocals & Shawn-lead guitar) lead everything back on track as it should be – I hear both guys taking a big step forward based on the representative skills.    

Better fasten your seatbelts while checking the title track – Eternal Legacy in top shape, ready to take you by the throat for almost 5 minutes of pure US Power Metal music featuring Matt Barlow (ex-Iced Earth) esque vocals and technical guitar lines. Classic Metal reigns supreme on ‘Souls Of Prey’ and ‘Abbadon’ comes along in a good old Iced Earth / Brainstorm tradition, power and might including nice and easy melodic parts as well… great song! The longest song on “Lifeless Alive” entitled ‘Misery’s End’is the most variable piece of all, loaded with a whole lotta package of melodic stuff and excellent vocals, again there are similarities with early Iced Earth audible. Killer Classic Metal guitar riffs and flammable solo’s to make ‘Lost But Not Alone’ and ‘Wicked Glory’ superb compositions. All those into perfectly worked out instrumentals can’t avoid the almighty ‘Braindead’ song. You will hear Eternal Legacy opening all registers based on their musical skills and if this song doesn’t bring thrills, calling yourself a Metalhead isn’t right! A dark feel breathes down your neck while listening to last one, actually bonus track called ‘The Dead Matter’.  Eternal Legacy brought out a videoclip of the song as well, check it out HERE.  So far my thoughts on “Lifeless Alive”, the band’s second album but… 

Brilliant news around their future activities is that a brand new CD is almost ready to unleash via Auburn Records by a worldwide distribution. The new album “Seeking No Peace” should be out somewhere in February 2012! According to Shaun Vanek, the new Eternal Legacy CD will be loaded with full forced, Traditional Heavy Metal. Awaiting this upcoming storm of American steel, check out their homepage at:  or Auburn Records via:  A US Power / Heavy Metal highlight is well underway to break through! 

My Points: 95 / 100 (Review by Stefan)