Metal To Infinity

I wrote a review about this band before. They blew me away with their earlier demo and ever since I stayed in touch with them. Meanwhile they’ve played at the Swordbrothers Festival and I still pity the fact I couldn’t make it to Germany. Not only to witness them, also Throes Of Sanity was present and I really wanted to see them too but it didn’t work out this way, I will forever regret this. 

Nevertheless Matthew Knight promised me to send their new EP and here it is. Nowadays it’s rather exceptional to use a live picture for a front cover and although it is a rather simple concept it still breathes so much what Heavy Metal really is all about! Just take a look at it; this is pure Heavy Metal, no? On the front cover this EP is entitled “The True Knights Of Metal We Hail”, on the silver disc there’s written “True Knight Of Metal EP” so yes, I’m a bit confused but this isn’t the main issue. 

The first notes of this EP makes clear why I adored this band before. This is awesome Metal with ultra high pitched vocals, the kind you either like or dislike. I can’t have enough from it and it seems for Matthew Knight the sky really is the limit. He is constantly searching the boundaries of his vocal capabilities. I don’t really mind but I can imagine others could make a problem of it.  “Within The Castle Shadowgate” contains, in the beginning, parts that support my thesis but it is a mighty track! The aggressive darkness in it is just fantastic! 

Matthew Knight’s voice is not only high pitched, he also reaches the goal putting emotions in his vocal lines. I especially like those vocal lines with an aggressive undertone, making me remind him to that other Matthew… Barlow (Iced Earth).  

The fact that Eternal Winter covers a Crimson Glory track tells a lot of the roots of these guys. Midnight is almost impossible to reproduce but I promise you Matthew Knight succeeds in making “Lady Of Winter” more than a remarkable cover.  

Musical wise Eternal Winter is constantly playing on the thin line between European Metal and the typical US Power Metal. Some choruses are maybe a bit too melodic to label them as a US Metal band but on the other hand the high pitched screams and plenty of riffs are making it clear the band is mainly influenced by the Eighties US Metal movement. It makes Eternal Winter a band that sounds somewhere in between Kamelot, Crimson Glory, Hammerfall, Iced Earth etc. 

This band contains everything a good Metal band in my opinion needs. I want to hear in my Metal heavy riffs, screaming guitars, blistering drums, spectacular arrangements and mind-blowing vocals! Eternal Winter offers it all! Anyway I hope they allow me to give some advice as well. First of all they should always keep their music as dark as possible. I also think that every single vocal line should be well chosen because I expect that it will be the greatest point of critic in the future. This band deserves more attention and the opportunity to grow, to release a full album with more money and equipments. Check them out at or  

My Points: 89 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)