Metal To Infinity

What a strange band name… Another new band that makes me realize True Metal is far from dead. This EP contains five songs and I suppose the titles of the tracks are drawn on the front cover. Central on this front cover I see a heroic female warrior and I suppose Johanna Rutto plays this role. Johanna Rutto? Well, she’s the front woman of Evil-L˙n, a Metal band I suppose to hear more about in the future. 

Not that Evil-L˙n is some new sensation but it is for sure that in the particular scčne of old school Heavy Metal they will maintain lots of attention. This is the kind of Metal the visitors of the Keep It True Festival are fond of! This band breathes everything what a pure Heavy Metal fanatic wants. It’s quite epic, I hear hard hitting riffs, strong structures and those typical melodic lines. Fans of the old school Warlock but also bands like Crescent Shield, Attacker etc. are crossing my mind. 

The result is a very good EP, influenced by old Iron Maiden of and “Crossroads”. This EP contains its typical samples but I don’t care the clichés! The galloping classic Metal riffs are seducing and “The Night Of Delusions” is a blistering for all those who are into True Metal! I hear great guitar solos, emotional played and fitting the good balanced songs perfectly. Johanna Rutto did a good job and also contains that typical kind of female vocals in Heavy Metal.  

So, nothing new to expect! This is a band that stays loyal to the roots of Heavy Metal and I suppose the oldest amongst us will easily adept this record. If I’ve said that we will hear more from the band in the future I meant that they will appear on one or another German festival soon. I suppose more is impossible but these True Metal warriors shouldn’t care! Check http://www.evillynband.com.  

My Points: 80 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)