Metal To Infinity

Stefan asked us (the reviewers) to prepare a list of our favorite albums of 2009. Well, at first I was convinced that 2009 wasn’t anyhow an exceptional year but after all it is a pretty hard job to put only twenty new releases in that list. Even harder it is to rate the first five albums and the last albums those who deserves their place into it. Every year that seems to be the problem as I realize this year I discovered new boundaries in Metal; yes, Black Metal has me under its spell! It was the new Immortal that pulled me into this strange and bizarre world, the documentary I saw about the Norwegian Black Metal scène did all the rest. A band I discovered in that documentary was Gorgoroth. Not that in particular TV show the music impressed me, it was Gaahl’s behavior that delivered me cold shivers. 

Afterwards I find out that Gorgoroth just released a new CD and it didn’t took much time to purchase this one. I don’t regret it at all, except the fact that it is so damn difficult to pull the jewel-case out of the slipcase. Because of the fact this CD deserves its place amongst my year list I feel obliged writing a review about it! 

“Aneuthanasia” is the track that starts this beauty and the echoes on Pest’s raspy growls in the very beginning are cutting me through the bones! What a devastating and frightening start! God damned or should I say Satan damned (?)! The tempo is immediately high and the band blows pure adrenaline through my speakers. Musical wise this track sounds like some pure Death Metal but Pest’s voice makes it as dark as hell! Man, how I adore this threatening atmosphere! The sound of this kind of vocals might be my personal boundary but I admit it takes me by the throat, enclosing harder and harder par every note! “Prayer” is a mid tempo song that have the same effect on me, as a matter of fact the entire CD delivers me the right kick! Obscure, wicked, evil… that is how this release sounds! 

I had discussions about this release with some pure Black Metal fanatics. After all I don’t consider myself as a fanatic yet because I am still in a discovering phase. There are still plenty of essential Black Metal releases unknown to me! Anyway these guys told me they don’t actually consider this CD as a pure Black Metal release, I suppose it has anything to do with the overwhelming and rather clear production. Maybe I am too spoiled in this matter but I don’t actually care because the music sounds imposing. “Rebirth” slows the tempo even more down but contains fantastic riffs and the dark atmosphere is one again hellish! This sounds anyhow as a good mid tempo Doom Metal track…foreseen with Pest’s malevolent voice! The way he breathes in the middle of the song is just mind blowing. 

Until now Gorgoroth refused to add lyrics to their booklets. It’s a pity because I’d really want to sing along where possible! Anyway it won’t stop me searching for other releases from this band and I’ve searched for their songs already on youtube.com. Something you must do yourself if you’re ignorant about the band as I was…  

Gorgoroth doesn’t actually awards the listener any rest with this release. One after another serpentine but technical fantastic performed song is heading my way! The used aggression is catchy, strange but beautiful! Even the super fast parts enjoy me, something I really hated in the past. Thankfully Gorgoroth hardly uses these ultra fast drum parts, if not they would have made it far more difficult to make part of their sinister kind of music. No matter how dark this music is, I discover a very attractive expression of extreme emotions! Once more I have to admit a Black Metal band delivers me some kind of chemistry that works right away! The riffs are sharp and devastating, the drum parts fit perfect and the arrangements keep on hammering in my head, making me give this release one spin after another! Just listen to “New breed” and “Human sacrifice” you’ll know what I am talking about! This is pure Heavy Metal in at it senses! 

Just at the moment you expect the best is already finished Gorgoroth brings on “Satan-Prometheus”. What a mighty song! The creepy mood in the choruses scares the hell out of me! Especially those ominous backing vocals, or should I say choirs, are giving the right disturbing and threatening touch to this track! Also the scary outro “Introibo Ad Altare Satanas” gives me the right kick, make me feel as I am witnessing a Satanic mass… An eargasm is nearby! 

How should I be able to ignore this release in my year list? It makes me realize that there are still plenty of undiscovered gems waiting for me, not only in Black Metal, probably also in Death Metal. The Metal scène is already oversaturated and makes it so hard to purchase the essential CD’s. Anyway, I am more than satisfied with this extreme and superb CD!  

My Points : 96 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)