Metal To Infinity

To those unfamiliar with the band Gothic Knights, please don’t think you’re dealing with a group delivering a Gothic style of music. Hell no folks, these guys play right up into your face US Power Metal since 1990 as they were formed by guitarist John Tzantis. Along with the release of their 1994 demo called “To Hell And Back” they were approached by  a few label companies – finally two years later on Gothic Knights brought out its self titled debut album through Sentinel Steel Records and got my appreciation right on. Seven US Power Metal songs to enjoy, Gothic Knights knew how to offer their Metal pure as can be and another interesting fact to let you know is that they had a unique singer named Rick ‘Warlock’ Sanchez, able to keep me pleased with his high pitched, kinda nasal way of singing! 

Second full length effort “Kingdom Of The Knights” had been released in 1999, once again via Sentinel Steel Records. Loaded with 8 tracks the entire album sounded amazingly good! Great vocals and a whole lotta wonderful, authentic US Power Metal riffs in promotion – my US Metal desires were fully approved with iron bound compositions like: ‘At Dawn You Die’, ‘War In The Sky’, ‘Demons Buried Within’, ‘Keeper Of The Gate’ and the beautiful Judas Priest cover ‘The Ripper’. 

For album number three entitled “Up From The Ashes” we had to wait almost four years but it was worth the wait definitely. It was European label Limb Music who let out the CD in full glory back in 2003 – this time eleven songs to swallow and without repeating, this third assault was just another feast for all US Power Metal addicts… take that from me! Unfortunately, the collaboration between the band and Limb Music was short-lived… shit happens but it feels good to know that Gothic Knight is still hanging around. With pleasure and dignity for the mighty US Power Metal movement – the guys from NYC just released a brand new, full length album “Reflections From The Other Side” through Innersphere Music. There are nine years between their previous release and this new one – be ready for at least 65 minutes of outstanding Power Metal! 

Original members John Tzantis (guitar), Mario Cosentino (bass) and singer Rick Sanchez are surrounded by a bunch of new guys like drummer Kevin DeDario, ex-The Great Kat guitarist David Seligman and keyboardist Jared Sloan. If you don’t lost the count, the new Gothic Knights line-up consists out of six musicians and it will not pass to your ears unnoticed. Sound quality feels really good to me, cover looks pretty dark and the eleven songs will take you on a trip straight to the wonderful world of US Power Metal! 

Listening to opener ‘Death From Above’ I feel my passion for US Metal rise at its best. This is a great song, no matter what! Awesome guitar riffs, pretty hard played with precision and when it’s time to let the solo’s starts to roar, the blood in my veins runs wildly. And for sure,  I still admires singer’s Rick Sanchez’s way of singing… formerly, he was one of my favourite US Metal frontmen – so many years later on now and my position about that remains untouched.  

More great stuff comes with the fast ‘Lord Of The Underworld’ – US Power Metal pure as can be with including high pitch screams and magnificent guitar lines. This track shows what Gothic Knights is all about! ‘Welcome To My Horror’ is another fantastic piece because of the dark and progressive influences all over – breathtaking high vocals give me goosebumps. ‘Scythe Denied’ starts to play and takes le by the throat right on, mid tempo Power Metal song featuring a superior break including King Diamond esque vocals, you know high pitched all the way out. ‘1689’ sounds dark and sinister in the beginning with a brilliant solo but what follows after that is amazingly good! The pace is increased and there they go in full force – fans of Helstar, Held Under, Antithesis, Taunted better make a stand and obey to the almighty forces of US Metal! And for some reason I’d like to recommend ‘Shadows Of Time’ to those hooked on the great tunes of masterly US acts like Mystic Force or Syris and for all Lethal fans Gothic Knights brings on the mighty song called ‘Devil’s Playground’. Both tracks deliver the very best in US steel for sure. Better tighten your belts for ‘Writing On The Wall’ and its partial rapidly played guitar riffs, instrumental ‘Ave Satani’ sounds as dark the blackness of the night but I really do not appeal to but… 

There is one last shot to go entitled ‘The Omen’ and that’s the longest track of the entire new Gothic Knights “Reflections From The Other Side” album. Eight minutes of dark / progressive Power Metal that will haunts your dreams at night. In a sense, this song differs from most of their older stuff - I got the feeling they’ve experienced with some of the musical parts. In the case of ‘The Omen’ song, the extensive ‘Damien’ chorus is quite remarkable. Be sure, it’s fantastic song anyway – Gothic Knights still rules with an iron hand and bands like this make me wildly proud being a fan of the US Metal brotherhood! 

Those who embrace American acts like Held Under, Lethal, Antithesis, Division, Helstar, Taunted, Mystic Force the time has come to order the new Gothic Knights album. Called “Reflections From The Other Side”, 65 minutes of excellent dark/progressive US Power Metal awaits for you to pick up… do it NOW at:  An album that’ll certainly qualify for my own album top 20 list of 2012! 

My Points: 94 / 100 (Review Stefan)