Metal To Infinity

Retroactive is an American record label unleashed numerous efforts so far, mostly the bands have a Christian background. Concerning White Metal, I can mention a lot of unforgettable bands played and still playing this type of Metal music– don’t judge a band on their religious background, pay full attention on the music first of all before breaking down real good outfits! You should check out the label’s homepage instead:  

Grave Robber is a new release from this label – it’s the band’s second release after their debut ‘’Be Afraid’’ (2008)… if you’re looking for some groups playing Metal by wearing striking costumes / masks, Grave Robber will caught your attention for sure. Speaking for myself, I really don’t give a damn about musicians walk on stage dressed in blood dripping suites, based on some kinda horror themes. I'm not saying that these bands’ style of music isn’t attractive –  just give me some good old denim / leather / favourite T shirt instead. We’re half past October 2009 at the moment so Halloween is nearby – watch out for Grave Robber’s “Inner Sanctum”… this product will haunts your sleep! 

What to expect is a six panel digipack, on the front two skulls chained / hooked, open it up and let the horror show begin. First things first, the sound quality of “Inner Sanctum” is outstanding – regarding the songs, there is a whole lotta going on the album. Besides their striking ‘horror’ looks, Grave Robber also take the listener by surprise each and every song. Singer Wretched for example, can I describe home a pure Metal singer? I’d like to say – I have my doubts. I like to place his vocal style more in the direction of Rock–A–Billy with a Punk character. To explain myself even better, a blend of Brian Setzer (Stray Cats: Les Gray (Mud) and Glenn Danzig (Danzig), Steve Zodia (Vardis). I hope you’ll get the picture by now! By the way, does the name Misfits ring a bell? 

Actually it’s kinda fun hearing the entire album ranges from Classic Rock to Metal and Punk music. The title tracks definitely will brings on the creeps, almost two minutes, horror minded intro! Next ‘Detonation’ and there we go – Metal riffs played pretty fast – reminds me a bit of an eighties track from Vardis entitled ‘If I Were King’. Street Punk wise character with ‘Shadows’, fast one ‘I'm Possessed’ is a song to have a real blast or let yourself following the present speed rhythms wile stamping boots!.’Tell Tale Heart’ is a True Rock-A-Billy inspired one… what did I previously said about Mud / Stray cats influences? ‘Valley Of Dry Bones’ is the most Metal minded track and immediately the evidence Grave Robber means more than just a band wearing blood-covered horror costumes. Dark and sinister atmospheres with Classic Metal riffage…good job! As mentioned on the flipside of the digipack, there should be 11 songs to enjoy but there is actually another ‘hidden track’ to detect. I'm not disappointed at all because it’s a cover from good old Black Sabbath entitled ‘Children Of The Grave’ and guess what… besides the most Metal loaded song on the CD ‘Valley Of Dry Bones’, Grave Robber surprised me for the second time. Wanna hear the horror version of an old Black Sabbath, legendary masterpiece – check the ultimate last song from Grave Robber’s new album “Inner Sanctum”. 

More Metal parts to detect as on their debut album and I'm glad with that! A blend of Metal, Classic Rock, Street Punk Rock, Rock-A-Billy, 70s Glam Rock,… actually a band versatile through and through. For fans of Danzig, Type O’ Negative, Vardis, Misfits, …; Check them out at: ...and don't be scared!

My Points: 72 / 100 (Review by Stefan)