Bringing out a CD, well – sometimes it can make strange inversions! This can be (at least) also said op His Witness’ album entitled ''Kingdom Come''. Original recording of this product date of many years ago – to be more precisely, it's an album that has been released way back in 1988. All went as follows… 

Singer of His Witness Ken Redding found back the original tapes of ''Kingdom Come'' in his garage while he was pretty busy cleaning up some stuff for a removal. Bill Menchen of Seventh Power, Titanic, Final Axe and heard about this the discovery of the two inch tapes – along with Ken, he remixed the songs that have been originally recorded in 1988 by Randy Thomas (Allies, Sweet Comfort band,.. ). An great US Metal album unleashed in the late eighties on LP – so many years later on, Bill Menchen and Retroactive Records gave this output a rebirth in full glory and that we can only shout out loud of joy! 

''Kingdom Come'' survived the test of time and even all is so much changed on the area of musical developments over the last two decades, this output have nothing to fear concerning the nowadays competition. The style of His Witness actually has nothing to do with the contemporary Hard Rock / Metal scene. This band's name of the game is a blend of Classic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, played the American way, loaded with flammable melodic line all over the way. 

Great vocals, awesome rhythms and a wonderful feel for entirely, detailed finished guitar / bass lines and drum section to enjoy completely. Metal music from times passed by – yeah, it's old school but fantastic to the bone to me. His Witness brings a Christian message with their lyrics but that’s not a problem to me at all. I'm not a Christian anyway but hey, who gives a damn about that. These guys want to play it all that way – a decision we all should accept without complaining. 

Ten songs on the playlist, very well done production … while listening to the entire album, I hear different influences such as a few songs reminds me of the early days of Shok Paris while other tracks come on strong with vibes of bands like Bloodgoodn Holy Soldier or Whitecross. As for Ken Reddings vocals: I'd like to describe as a mixture of Vic Hix (Shok Paris) and legendary Dio! Take it for what it's worth – this is what I feel! 

The guitar lines are overwhelming, pure as can be US Metal minded – all I want to hear from a great Metal band is present. My attention fell on the following, actually my favourite works: 'Everlasting Life', 'Kingdom Come' (these are the one that reminds me of one of my all time faves, Shok Paris), 'Guard Of Heart', 'Jesus Die For You' and ‘Party’s In Heaven’ (the one that reminds me of a song from Tygers Of Pan Tang called 'Raised On Rock', especially during the guitar riffs!). 

Reworked albums like this deserve a lot of more attention from the world wide Hard Rock / HM community. Some individuals disrespect this kind of music and that's a shame to me. Originating from the glorious eighties era – an output like ''Kingdom Come'' means a lot to the history of Rock so give it a try when the opportunity occurs.  I'm satisfied all over… order possibilities via: www.retroactiverecords.net   MY POINTS: 87 / 100