Metal To Infinity

HOD is a band from Texas / USA and I suppose this is their debut album. Lately I have been more into extreme Metal but a fair condition is that I want quality.  

With HOD I canít get this kind of satisfaction. These guys play some kind of mixture between Death Metal and harsh Thrash. Even some Black Metal influences integrated their music. Letís start with the positive pointsÖ Some guitar solos are very sensitive and I really adore screaming solos that cut me through my bones. Also some riffs are good but the problem is I canít hear songs. I hear different rhythms, one varied tempi but it is impossible to find red lines. The drums are too chaotic, making me nervous all the way, especially in the superfast parts. The vocals are some kind of grunts, understandable but not at all good enough to get me by the throatÖ I miss the technical effects from good Death Metal, I miss the overwhelming effect that some Black Metal bands blew me away with. 

No, this isnít the kind of Metal I want. Qualitative seen HOD isnít able to please me, not by performances, not by song writing, not by production. There are good ideas in this band but the base of a good song is important; it takes more than using electric guitars, a bass, a drum and some dark vocals to be a good Metal band.  

My Points: 58 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)