Metal To Infinity

Active since the late nineties, Italian based Hungryheart released their debut album ten years later on in 2008 – this self-titled album got great response from the press and Melodic Rock fanbase. Preferred to ‘Best Italian Band of 2008’ by Slamrocks Magazine… high score ratings given by numerous other webzines / magazines came in so this must be a real good album for sure but have to admit that I haven’t one single song from that product until now. Meanwhile, album number two from Hungryheart is unleashed – again, fans had to wait for another 10 year period… I actually don’t care about that, I just want to know what these guys have to offer – here’s my opinion on “One Ticket To Paradise”. 

The album has a real good production worked out by Michael Voss (Mad Max, Voices Of Rock,…) – perhaps a bit too polished every now and than but globally seen, I'm satisfied with the final result. About the line-up, well the original Hungryheart members taking their individual duties from the heart – Allessandro Del Vecchio (Glenn Hughes / Eden’s Curse) and Nicolo Fragile (Gotthard) can be considered as guest musicians. 

All people hooked on a style of music so called Melodic (Hard) Rock / AOR must check out these guys. Obviously, the band is mainly influenced by Bon Jovi to me. Jon Bon Jovi always been a real good singer and surrounded by world-class musicians since day one of existence. These legends of Rock made loads of good songs throughout decades as well as tracks I can’t dig at all. That’s a personal meaning but the point is that I have the same feeling with the band Hungryheart. “One Ticket To Paradise” offers both quite good and less good, almost bad tracks. To be honest, none of all the songs can’t fully thrill me. I truly like to hear Melodic Hard Rock but when it comes to songs that are too commercial / mainstream minded or simply too mellow – I’d rather like to pack my bags and go. 

The titletrack is a good one as well as guitar driven ‘Angela’, ‘Let’s Keep On Trying’ and ‘Get Lost’. There’s a lot of melodious stuff to enjoy here but hope the band will ad some more guitar solo’s to their songs in the future. Humming amplifiers and screaming technical guitars – be sure, that’s my alley! Hungryheart couldn’t please me completely but that depends on my own opinion / personal taste of music. Fans of Bon Jovi, Nelson, Journey, House Of Lords… check out these Italian lads right HERE. 

My points: 63 / 100 (Review by Stefan)