Metal To Infinity

Hammer is an Italian band formed in the summer of 2005 by Ricchard called Hellrider… later they changed it to Hammer. After several auditions of singers, Ricchard decided to take to the microphone himself. After 2 demos, "First Gig: Blood" (2005) and "Ready Motherfucker" (2006) they brought out the 2007 CD "No Way Out" themselves. The CD has only just arrived at MTI hence the reason that the discussion on this effort is 2 years after the CD was produced. 

They call their music, "pure English Rock n Roll". That is indeed what Hammer is all about. It is a cross between Motorhead, AC / DC and sometimes Nuclear Assault. A strange combination you might think, but if you listened to this CD you will agree. 

They start their debut with "The Hammer", where you immediately hear the Motorhead influence. They also used distortion on the bass guitar. Rapid straightforward rock 'n' roll song with the appropriate solo. The screams of vocalist bassist Ricchard makes the picture complete. You can hear that they are not beginners. "Infernal Waves" is the 2nd song where the AC / DC influence comes in. The 3rd song typifies their sound, "Rock and Roll". A typical AC/DC song. "Baby No-Stop" goes in the same direction. "Drinking With The Devil" gets the accelerator going and we get rock 'n' roll at speed. It makes me think of Nuclear Assault, especially vocally wise. "Heavy Metal Machine Gun" brings us more Motorhead influences. With "Hellmaker" the accelerator is pushed all the way down. This is also reminiscent of  Nuclear Assault. With ''Dog" we go towards AC / DC again… this is actually the lesser number of the entire CD to me. "Priest In Hell" opens with 2 beats on a gong to then proceed with a typical Motorhead riff. They end with "Do Not Make Me Angry". A song that contains almost all that is mentioned above… great work to close with. 

This CD should be heard! Ok, they are not innovative and many comparisons can be made with Motorhead, but also with AC / DC and Nuclear Assault. Yet these men deserve a record deal… with a better production this could be something. Ricchard's singing is not always flawless but not disturbing. Maybe that’s why the vocals were mixed a bit into the background.Check Hammer out at:  www.myspace.com/hammerband  /  hellriderband@libero.it  

My Rating: 82 / 100 (Review by Metalandy)