Metal To Infinity

A Motley Crue, Guns ĎNí Roses rip off was the first thing that popped up in my head when I listened to hands Of Time for the first time.  The Rockín Roll is present, the high pitched vocals, American Style, are present as well, and all songs breathe the same atmosphere as the first albums of Crue and GíNíR. 

Hands Of Time isnít an American band, but an Italian band and thatís really surprising!  If they would have released this album 20 years ago, I guess that a lot of people would have shown interest in this band, but nowadays?  This is music for a local bar, a perfect band to book when there is a motorcycle meeting in the area, but itís not worth to be released as an album by a record label. Nobody is waiting for this kind of rock, nobody is going to buy an album like this.  Itís old fashioned, itís done before, and itís done much better before. So why buy a copycat??? 

The songs are nice to listen to while cruising down the highway as an introduction, a kind of feel good background, but nothing more.  This is time and money wasting material, and in these times of crisis, people know better what to buyÖ  

My Rating: 55 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)