Metal To Infinity

In 2008 this band released two albums and EP’s before which received time after time good reviews, also in the bigger Metal magazines. Hanging Doll has a history of pain as one of the members committed suicide a few years ago and I suppose it made for a part what this band is all about today. Grief and pain and other strong emotions always influences people, for sure musicians.

These English lads, fronted by Sally Holiday, delivers a very good second album. The music is melodic yet powerful, with a dark side on every track. The arrangements are very good played and the strong production is an extra bonus for this CD. The riffs are hard hitting and on some tracks, for example “Dark Narcissus (The Forest)”, there is some threatening atmosphere weaved in between, just the way I like it. The emotions, I was talking about before, are strongly present on this release. On “Immortal Beloved” for example I feel that deep kind of grief all over and that means some extraordinary musicians are at work here!

Hanging Doll, don’t ask me where this name is coming from, delivers a first class mixture of Dark modern Metal, without any doubts influenced by Gothic Metal, some Death Metal, some Doom Metal… It seems the band picked up good ideas from these subgenres to create their own sound. It makes the band hard to label and that’s always positive!

Sally Holidays seems to be a very professional singer, containing a voice that sounds traditional at the one hand, operatic at the other. Often she’s supported by some kind of grunts, without exaggeration but it gives that extra dark touch to the music. I don’t want to compare Hanging Doll with for example After Forever but the orchestral supports makes me at least think in that specific direction. Hanging Dolls is musical wise equally qualified! The subtle used keyboards and gloomy, often depressed, played piano parts also brings the listener in that mysterious mood. 

Some great musicianship can be heard on “The Sacred & Profane” and thankfully Hanging Doll didn’t make this kind of music boring, at the opposite this is an album that is pretty addictive. The vocals, the way the songs are written and performed has a lot to do with it. Fans of bands like After Forever, Sentenced, Wolverine, Ayreon, Theatre of Tragedy… will be satisfied with this one.

My Points: 84 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)