Metal To Infinity

Power Metal addicts better watch out for the fifth and new album from Quebec Canada based Hanker. Their previously released efforts were excellent pieces to me – pure Power Metal with highly appreciating melodic lines and great vocals can be considered as the band’s most important trump cards. Hanker – a band able to please since day one of existence!  

For the very first time, Hanker signed a deal with German label Hellion Records… along with that deal, plans of working out a brand new effort became reality. Meanwhile, it’s a done deal situation – entitled  “Conspiracy Of Mass Extinction”, Hanker proves once again how good they really are. Original drummer Luc Guay left the ranks in 2005 but the good news is that the man took a wise decision and joined forces with Hanker again a while ago. You won’t hear Luc on the new album – instead you’ll hear Sylvain Trembley in charge for all drum works and yes, he delivered the goods as well! Make also notice of the fact there is a new bassist in the band named Laurent Imbeau. New record label and two new guys to check out – my curiosity was really highly stretched so I gave the new effort a few spins to made up my mind. 

Intro ‘Fear The End’ opens followed by ‘Beyond The Pale’ and brings me in a comfortable Power Metal position right away. Frontman Pascal Cache (who also plays guitars and keyboards) still in excellent form. His powerful throat in combination with high screams those who cut through flesh and bone allows me to say that this guy is a very good singer. This song brings some kind of an older Helloween feel due to some of the guitar lines. This first track gives me a good feel but I knew that the band could do better than this. Next ‘Casteway’ starts to play and there we go – full speed ahead awesome Power Metal including thrashing elements, neckbreaking rhythms and brilliant vocals. This is what Hanker is all about so bring on some more please. It seemed like my wish is command and Hanker spoiled my ears once again with a song called ‘Battle Cries’… Power Metal as it should be! 

It needs to be said that the new guys in the band offered a great job anyway. Both drum and bass lines to sound excellent! ‘Who’s Crying Loud’ is another fantastic one – full melodic and the approach with US Metal is clear. Listening to the riffs and awesome vocal use of the titletrack to make this approach even stronger… US Power Metal fans are warned! ‘Crawlers’, ‘Ruins Of Generations’, ‘The One Among Them’, ‘Feel It Again’ are very recommendable songs making the blood in your veins keep on running free in a pure and excellent Power Metal way.  

Great Metal music and the eye catching artwork (by David Faucher) plus the full coloured, many pages thick booklet to make Hanker’s “Conspiracy Of Mass Extinction” more than worth to check out. Stop by at: http://www.myspace.com/hankermetal or place an order via: http://www.hellionrecords.de/   For fans of Iron Maiden, Fifth Angel, Firewind

My Points: 90 / 100 (Review by Stefan)