Metal To Infinity

Talking about the Australian Metal movement, first bands those who cross my mind are good old Hobbs Angel Of Death, Addictive, Mortal Sin and of course almighty AC / DC and Rose Tattoo. Classics they are to me, be aware of the fact the Aussie Rock and Metal community offered a lot more decent stuff as years passed by. At this own moment, I remember acts like Dungeon, Armoured Angel, Arcane, Dark Order, Chaos Divine, Black Majesty, Demolition, Empires Of Eden and Pegazus to name but a few. Good to know is that every now and than, more new bands appear such like the one Iíd like to spread the word of right now Ė Hazmat from Sydney! 

Hazmat just released their self-titled debut album through Hardline Media and while cruising the Internet in hope to discover some new bands I came in touch with the guys from Hazmat. I heard a few of the tracks and was without a doubt, Hazmat seemed worth enough to work something out with. First I checked out the bandís background info which told me they were formed in 2006 by Jay (vocals, guitar) and second guitar player named Duck, both played in a former band Neophobia. Added to the ranks later on were drummer Caine (ex-Eyes Of March) and bassist Stu (ex-FIX).  

They were ready to take off for real, within the back of their mind musical inspirations from bands like Megadeth, Testament and Exodus mainly Ė Hazmat immediately started to rehearse in full force. They had a Metal mission and ambition to complete, all went very well and a bunch of first songs were done, ready to unleash actually. Leader of the band Jay gives the rest of the group the necessary instructions and all seemed to roll like a well oiled Metal machine. At least 14 songs were completed and can be heard on Hazmatís debut album - here's my own point of view...  

It is immediately clear that Hazmat is able to deliver substantial material featuring a very good singer surrounded by a bunch of well trained soldiers of Metal! I hear a great guitar sound with flowing riffs and melodic, quite technical solos as well. Some of the songs come on real tight with a bass player who gets a sort of a leading function on a regular basis and feels good to me anyway. All the rhythms on Hazmatís debut album are well supported by a dedicated drummer Ė about my own conclusion on each one of the band members I can be satisfied.  

If Dave Mustaine and Megadeth means a lot to you, I can recommended Hazmat for sure. Singer Jayís singing duties feels like a knife that cuts on both sides. Heís able to use his throat in a complete Dave Mustaine manner (yes he does!) while the other side shows on that heís good enough using his own voice as well. Great musician to meÖ and donít forget to check out his outstanding guitar moves! Iíd like to describe Hazmatís name of the game as a mixture of Power and Heavy Metal sometimes played in a furious Thrash Metal mode. A few named to compare with are: Megadeth / Metallica (but not the very early ones), late 80s / early 90s killer acts Coldsteel, Addictive, Bitter End,Ö  

Hazmat manages to bring their songs in a way that has nothing to do with the nowadays Euro Power Metal scene and Iím glad with it. Why? Well, to me Hazmat plays their stuff more American than European focus and due to Iím a US Metal fan for such a long time, the preference is taken immediatelyÖ without a doubt actually! 

After listening to the entire CD I feel good and have the intention to press the play button once again. I canít tell that the album is completely flawless, therefore itís too early and Iím sure they can do better as time goes by. As for a debut effort, I say wholeheartedly hell yeah! Good shot from a very promising band named Hazmat. Thrashers, Power / Heavy Metal worshippers, Check them out at: www.hazmatmetal.com  

My Points: 84 / 100 (Review by Stefan)