Metal To Infinity

Heathendom from Greece impressed and surprised me completely with the release of "Nescience", unleashed in 2008 through Metal On Metal Records. Due to the fact I had never heard of Heathendom before, it was a pleasure to hear these guys’ way of Metal – total appreciation from my side for sure! About the band’s early days of existence – well, actually I got a second chance thanks to Metal On Metal Records who just released a remastered vinyl from Heathendom’s 2005 demo. Once again, it’s only available as vinyl / LP release! Collectors of good old vinyls are definitely recommended to get the album!

There are seven tracks delivering a great mixture of highly admirable Doom and Power Metal. As mentioned before, the biggest part of this release are actually songs from their 2005 demo – one last song entitled ‘Haunted In Hell’ is a re-recorded work…‘Haunted Within’ and ‘Hell Within’ (second part, originally on “Nescience" CD) have been merged together and led to a phenomenal, almost 20 minutes lasting Doom / Power Metal masterpiece. The song breathes a pure dark and evil / haunting character… damn right, this one leaves me totally speechless!

Fantastic vocals including superb high pitches in the vein of Mr. King Diamond or every now and then, even James Rivera crosses my mind and that means the world to me! Besides Heathendom’s trademark Power / Doom Metal, instrumental track ‘Mental Pabulum’ has some Classic Heavy Metal riffs on board as well… you won’t hear me complain at all, Heathendom brings it all in style! 

Those still collecting Metal on vinyl should have already order this one undoubtedly – 7 tracks (running time: 41 minutes), inner sleeve with lyrics, coloured outer sleeve featuring artistic and professional artwork done by Metal On Metal Records’ leading force named Jowita Kaminska herself… all looks very well, so place an order if you want to via:

Watch out for Metal On Metal Records’ upcoming releases such as a reissue of Heathendom’s “Nescience” (July 2010) as well as a brand new effort that is on the list to be unleashed sometime in October – name of the album will be “The Symbolist”. Traditional Doom, Power and Heavy Metal maniacs hooked on troops like Memory Garden, Sanctuary, Kind Diamond, A Tortured Soul, Sorcerer (Sweden) or Forsaken (Malta) are warned by now. More Heathendom information at:

My Points: 94 / 100 (Review by Stefan)