Metal To Infinity

Next album in line, released by new label called Metal On Metal Records, comes from a Greece based quintet named Heathendom. A few months ago, MOM spreaded their first Promo Vol.1 CD - on it a list of bands that will show up with new outputs planned to be released the next couple of months. First band I reviewed was the new Catch 22 album ''Soulreaper: Evilution/Devilution'' awesome to the core effort. This time, I'd like to write down my thoughts concerning Heathendom. 

Formed in 1998, their intention was to play Metal music in the vein of King Diamond/Mercyful Fate fame. Heathendom's line up was infested through several changes but gradually but certainly, as years passed by - the right and well fitted musicians were found and a debut demo came out in the middle of 2005. On it a few songs - they were sent to press/media and the response was very acceptable. It was immediately clear that Heathendom was a band with a lot of potential. Later on, they walked on many stages to show the outside Metal world what they had to offer. As support of greats like Omen, Manilla Road, Cage, Solitude Aeturnus... the present Metal maniacs were seized at the throat by the band's strong performances.

A debut album could not stay away - one led to another, the current situation in Heathendom's camp is very promising... they just released a first full length output entitled ''Nescience''. This is without a doubt a pearl of Power/Doom Metal. People who can't stand such a great album aren't worth the wear the name "Metalhead". Ten songs of pure, excellent Metal music with a wide range. One by one musicians with the heart on the right place. You can feel their passion for Metal right away. They have a superb vocalist that takes you away through the golden years of Mercyful Fate, Memory Garden, Sorcerer, A Tortured Soul, Sanctuary, Solitude Aeturnus. The use of different voice lines is awesome - from normal to high pitched and vice versa - magnificent! I can say by now Heathendom is THE Power/Doom Metal revelation at this one moment to me!! 

With songs loaded with a high form of power chord guitar shred, throat slicing melodies, great built up ideas and blistering tempo changes... this is teamwork through and through, all in perfect balance - Heathendom conquers my heart for sure. Also the production sounds very promising, not too polished - just the way it should be, awesome (again!). I was impressed by the songs on Metal On Metal Records' Promo Vol 1., "Burn" and "Blissful Hell'' - both can be heard on the ''Nescience'' album too, the rest of the song list takes me by the throat. Perhaps I fall in recurrence but this CD means a lot to me. Some of my absolutely faves are: "Nescience", "The Doll House", "Scenes Of Old", "Hell Within", "War And Pain" (bonus track). The point is that also US Metal maniacs gonna admire this output because of the guitar riffs/solos and high vocal use... brothers and sisters hooked on US Metal, take your chances and find out what Heathendom is all about!!

Absolutely nothing to do with the nowadays Metal movement - maybe some don't like an album like this, well shame on them. Actually I don't give a damn about the opinion of other ones, I like it enormously and praise an album like this straight to the almighty heaven above us all. Thanx to Metal On Metal Records for the delivery of a unique piece like ''Nescience'' - to Heathendom: AMAZING release guys!! More info about the band at: www.myspace.com/heathendom  or  heathendom.4t.com . Order possibilities via MOM Records at: www.metal-on-metal.com .

My Points: 98 / 100 (Review by Stefan)