Metal To Infinity

Greece based Heathendom is a very promising Metal band with two full length efforts (“Nescience” and “Heathendom”) on the list so far. These albums got my attention and appreciation all the way because their way to serve Doom / Power Metal was just brilliant! So awaiting the new and third output, I knew in advance they would amaze me again, and right now it’s an honour for me to spread the word about Heathendom’s brand new CD entitled “The Symbolist”. The album was supposed to be released in October 2010, but as it's written on the band’s official homepage, Metal On Metal Records had to postpone it due to the start of a collaboration with UK distributor Code 7. Not a comfortable situation for both band and label but all seems to be fine now… Here’s my opinion about Heathendom’s “The Symbolist”.

Having played this album several times so far, I can immediately tell you all that this is just a superb release from these Hellas based lads. Although here and there something has changed regarding the character of the songs. What I’d like to say here is that the early albums of Heathendom offered a great blend of Power and Doom Metal mainly – hearing the new one “The Symbolist” I have the impression there is some more space for Dark / Epic elements played by the almighty forces of both Heavy and Power Metal. According to my own Metal heart, this new direction of Heathendom feels great. 

Within Heathendom’s ranks there is still a very good singer who offers the very best in delivering Metal vocal duties the way it should be. This frontman’s varied way of singing means a lot to me. Using his throat in a quite lower / normal mode or more high pitched way seems to be not a problem at all – he’s just able to deliver it all with style… especially the high pitched vocal lines are outstanding. As a long time US Metal fanatic, I totally love this way of singing!

After you feel the ultimate rush of Epic Power Metal in the opening track, the second one, ‘Alternate Sickness’ comes with even more pure power and might! Third in line is the title track and my favourite cut for sure. A song created with an eye for total perfection and it's definitely able to catch my complete attention. High pitched vocals alternating with lower singing parts (in the vein of Jag Panzer’s frontman ‘The Tyrant’ and King Diamond) nearly giving me a cardiac arrest – outstanding! Great guitar moves including magnificent riffage and flesh cutting solos. Pure as can be and I'm feeling good so far.

Fans of US Metal act A Tortured Soul also will like this new Heathendom – I recommend they check out tracks such as: ‘The Concept Of Reason’, ‘Die Insane’ and ‘An Angel, A Demon And A Dying God’. Power Metal with King Diamond kind of vocals is the main ingredient to swallow and it tastes really good! Actually, Heathendom’s new album “The Symbolist” has nothing bad on board… and I mean what I say about that! An effort like this lets you feel the musician’s passion to play Metal music. Without following the mainstream, money chasing, modern style of Metal music – these guys just follow their own hearts while playing music and in the case of Heathendom, everything ends up in a really amazing way. I will take a piece of paper and write down “The Symbolist” as an early 2011 highlight!

Fans of Jag Panzer, A Tortured Soul and King Diamond should order right here:
http://www.metal-on-metal.com/shop.html.  To check out the official homepage of Heathendom, stop by at: http://www.heathendom.gr. Great album played by excellent musicians who know what True Metal is all about!

My Points: 95 / 100 (Review By Stefan)