Metal To Infinity

And yes, another US Metal band to make a review about. This quartet received my attraction on several websites because there was told they were influenced by the Eighties Metal movement, by bands like Crimson Glory, Dream Theater, Rush etc. I didn’t need more words to purchase this EP, containing 4 songs. 

No one can deny Hedda is influenced by this specific scène but that’s not at all a negative point. Hedda is Progressive Power Metal band and by their musical performances they remind me strongly of Crescent Shield and Icarus Witch. Do you know both bands? Let me tell you that Crescent Shield released two top albums. “The Stars Never Seen” even ended for many very high in their year list, and some big fanzines were ultimate enthusiast about them. Especially John Swenson’s voice is often similar to Michael Grant’s throat. I’ve heard fantastic vocal lines on this EP, the strength of Swenson’s voice can be improved and Swenson contains his own specific timbre. Icarus Witch? It’s the band that surprised us many times before with fantastic melodic Heavy Metal; their first EP is a ‘killer’. Hedda can easily hook up with both bands and therefore I keep on listening to “The Calm Before…”.  

In other words Hedda knows how to write good songs and their musical performances are amazingly strong, especially the guitar solos are mind blowing. The acoustic guitars in “The gates” are stunning! It proves how much talent this band contains and I strongly believe in Hedda! Also the subtle used keyboards fits the music very well and overall Hedda creates that specific dark atmosphere US Metal bands are worshipped for. The basic lines by the drums and bass guitars are the driving forces for every particular song. Hedda is a US Metal band, ‘nough said? 

What Hedda misses a bit on this EP is more Power, a bit more aggression or should I say a bit more energy? The main reason is the production on this EP but Jamie Mac explained me that every musician in this band have Progressive backgrounds and that could indeed explain indeed a lot. This is only a personal meaning but in my opinion more dynamism would lift Hedda up to a higher level. Only in “The Gates” I’ve heard a high scream for example, the power it contains is what I am searching for! In “Full Circle” the band tries to create a more powerful sound and it works, although I am questioning maybe – next to a more powerful sound - a second guitar player is needed.  For sure it would make Hedda sound heavier, more overwhelming. Believe me; if these songs would be produced with an overwhelming sound they would blow us all away! Anyway the potential is here; three great musicians and a good singer who will maintain the attention in the near future. Hedda is far too good to criticize and will please plenty of True Metal fanatics! Meanwhile I’ve heard the remix of “The Gates” and yes, this is what I am talking about! Outstanding!!!!!! 

Let me conclude Hedda is a  great Progressive Power /Heavy Metal band with here and there an epic touch. They stay melodic all the way and the band owns the talent to seduce us in the future. The vocal lines, the rhythms, the guitars, the varied used tempi are containing everything good Heavy Metal is about. Hedda is not the most innovating band but they’re unpredictable in what they’re doing and that’s important. The underground still lives and this is another band to keep my eyes on in the near future! I hope the real storm will come very soon, the kind that will blow us all away! Check them out at:  http://www.heddatheband.com or http://www.myspace.com/heddatheband  

My Points: 83 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)