Metal To Infinity

For the very early days of Hell:On’s existence we have to go back to the Spring of 2005. Zaporozhye is a place somewhere in Ukraine, a bunch of metalheads were ready to rumble with their own way of music – one by one, all of them loaded with gifted skills. Moon Records brought out the band’s debut entitled “Strong Enough” in 2006 followed by “Beyond The Faith”, a self financed EP that saw daylight one year later on. In 2008, Hell:On was back for more, a new release popped up under the title “Re-Born” through Comp Music / EMI. Yeah I know, we’re living in 2010 these days but I’d like to give this release a fair review because they’re worth it, believe me on my word! As I always say: great Metal music is timeless so…. 

Holding the jewel case in hands, my first impression of the output allows me to say that the cover art looks awesome – multiple pages thick booklet also looks very well done which makes it all a pleasure to explore the inside printed information / pictures. Based on the outside only, Hell:On’s “Re-Born” approach pure professionalism but what about the music on the silver disc? 

Well, first inner thoughts lingered on in my mind after hearing a few songs only was that the band offered their songs more than just okay. I only heard a few songs of the entire song list and knew already that Hell:On did it just great. I’d like to describe their style as modern Thrash Metal with minor slices taken from the Bay Area Thrash Metal movement, the almighty scene you know! You will not hear high pitched vocals – instead a brutal singer approach your ears in devastating manners. Another great element that caught my complete attention were the fantastic guitar moves. Superb riffs and shred guitar solo… brutality and aggression hand in hand with awesome guitar skills delivering flammable riffage / shred tactics, be sure you won’t hear me complain at all! 

Those who’ll buy the album must have a heart for Thrash Metal in the first place, the ones who like their thrash most of all in a technical way – well, they shouldn’t be hesitate for one single second to order the album released in 2008 by a great band called Hell:On, entitled “Re-Born”. As bonus stuff, they’ve also recorded two video clips which makes this effort even more attractive to buy. take care of your precious time and money useful, watch both of both clips definitely because they’re really good! 

To end up this discussion, I will tell you all that Hell:On has posted their new EP called “In The Shadows Of Emptiness” online. Four brand new works awaits you all so don’t be stupid to ignore this opportunity to download them all for free. Hit THIS spot and start fulfilling your Metal duty, you won’t regret at all guys! As usual, the songs are hard and rough like hell… also good to hear the guitar shred tactics are still in charge. Once again, four new songs for free – grab on the opportunity rapidly people! 

Hell:On is obviously a band that deserves a fair chance to put their way of Metal on the international map for sure. No matter from which country you are – start spreading these guys’ words of Metal right NOW! 

My Points: 86 / 100 (Review by Stefan)