Metal To Infinity

With their songs about death and destruction, Buffalo New York based Hellcannon started raising hell in 2008 which means they’re about one year active now. These guys are completely trend-free, forget about modern ways of Metal because Hellcannon doesn’t belong to it… don’t even try to think about it!  

“Raiders Of The Waste” is Hellcannon’s first 5 track EP, released as independent output… when the heart is weak, take distance from it. If you’re hooked on unwarped, aggressive to the core US styled Death / Thrash Metal – stay and have a blast. Deep, dark, soar and very aggressive vocals to take control in a furious way. Vocals in the vein of early Morbid Angel or Slaughterlord, Hellcannon’s frontman Toxik Agressor throat makes every nerve in your body rise and shine! Make notice of the fact he’s also the first guitarist in the band, second axe wielder is Karnage – in for the kill with his flammable form of lead picking, he plays very in my opinion. Fast riffing and on both songs ‘Sacrifice By Fire’ and ‘Raiders Of The Wasteland’ he appears in full glory. These songs bring on excellent and especially real fast, technical guitar movements. The collaboration between bassist Wasteland Fiend and drummer Phantom turns out real good too. Right guys on the right place and very important - their passion for underground Death / Thrash Metal is optimal and tangible right from the start… keep it up guys! 

I'm sure they will find a way in the Underground Death / Thrash Metal scene… started only a year ago and delivering (already) a debut effort like this to prove that Hellcannon is ready for battle in a face to face situation without being afraid of the current competition amongst many others. Young, restless and wild – Hellcannon is the right alley for fans of early Sacrifice, Morbid Angel, Fatal, Epidemic, Armoured Angel,… Check them out at: www.myspace.com/hellcannon    

MY POINTS: 80 / 100 (Review by Stefan)