Metal To Infinity

Back in the early eighties, tape trading was a real hype among the Metal community – loads of cassette tapes were exchanged… thinking back to those days, pure nostalgia lingers on! Heavy / Speed or Thrash Metal from the Bay Area side was our alley – yeah sure, we had a great time back then!  

I still remember very well a band from California named Hellhound sent us their second demo entitled “From The Ruins Of Yesterday” in 1986. I was co-editor of a Belgian Metal magazine called Metalian those days and our crew was completely hooked on the four songs fulfilled that cassette tape! First song to enjoy was the title track and I still can’t get enough of this one, even after more than two decades later on. Bay Area Speed / Thrash Metal first class with unique vocals, furious duels between both axemen played fingers to the bone, tremendous bass works and a basher that could kills pounding his drums sticks like a demolition hammer. Other tracks that nailed you down were: ‘Hammerslag’ (more than 7 minutes lasting instrumental!), the great “Asylum’ and ‘Hellhound’, a track I’ll never forget! Once again, we were so damn proud added the review for Hellhound second demo to our magazine! 

By tape trading I owned a cassette of Hellhound’s debut demo called “Submit Or Die” and also this time, I really had a great time listening to the works on it. Pure Metal pearls to me were: ‘Ice Age’, ‘Flee The Bomb’, ‘Killing Spree’, ‘Suffer The Innocent’, ‘The Usurper’ and ‘Repression Of Life’…actually these were all the songs added to the tracklist of that demo tape. Hellhound has always been a very unique Bay Area Metal band to me and first time Hellhound was available as CD version was in 1998. Under license from the band themselves, Maximum Records brought it out first of all (under the title: “Ice Age”)and Stromspell Records followed in 2009 with a CD / DVD masterpiece called “Anthology”. Magnificent output and we’re so damn grateful to this label Hellhound is again available on a silver disc with a lot of bonus material!  

Throughout the following years, the original members from Hellhound found his own ways into the Metal valleys and played in bands like Rellik, Doom Society, Blackstorm and Rapid Fire. When you order “Anthology”, you definitely have pure gold in hands. Over the top, Bay Area Thrash Metal – Hellhound might be not that famous as others like Forbidden, Heathen, Death Angel, Exodus,… take it from me, if you like your Metal hard, powerful and pure as can be – you have to order your copy of Hellhound’s “Anthology”, it’s simple like that! 

Both of the demo’s are audible on the CD, the production is old school still very well done, the artworks are tremendous (reminds me of the cover from The Rods’ album “ Wild Dogs”), many pages booklet – full of information / images / lyrics… as absolute bonus you also can enjoy with for force of the DVD. On it, a footage of the Rock Talk TV show, live in the studio (1987)… don’t expect high tech recording stuff, it were the eighties you know! I never ever saw something live from the band but this DVD really spoiled me from beginning till the end. AWESOME to see how much energy and passion Hellhound pumped into their music. Those were the days all was different but the point is that Metal was Metal the way it must be! Oh by the way, you’ll be the witness of an exclusive interview with the band too. The guys seemed a bit unaccustomed but – nevertheless, good interview! 

The good news is that Hellhound is back in business. Totally reunited, they are currently working on new songs and I'm completely pleased to announce it. One of my favourite US Thrash Metal acts after a long time of absence back on the tracks – I’d like to say: you’re more than welcome guys! We’ll see what the future will bring – one thing is for sure, Bay Area Thrash Metal is back alive and kicking… watch out for Forbidden, Defiance, Sentinel Beast,… and of course the almighty Hellhound!! 

Order rapidly at: http://www.myspace.com/stormspellrecords or  http://www.stormspell.com/label/ . Check out Hellhound via: http://www.myspace.com/HellhoundUSA   …”Hellhound, its coming today – Hellhound, its here to stay”… 

My Points: 97 / 100 (Review by Stefan)