Metal To Infinity

Are these Brazilian guys the heroes of tomorrow? There is a chance after I’ve heard both of their albums but in all honesty I think the path to eternity is still way too long and dangerous. After all a place in the history book of Heavy Metal is expensive and a product of sweat, blood and tears! My review about their debut album was very positive, so I was thrilling to hear the second CD as well. Even more; I’ve ordered the CD at CD-baby.com because I was sure to receive some first class Metal anyway.  

Especially the song writing, the fast fingered guitars and the strong vocals pleased me on that very first album. On this second album these ingredients still stand tall and it makes Hellish War one hell of a band! This is some outstanding Heavy Metal with an enormous wink to the traditional Heavy Metal scène of the mighty eighties. Fans of Metal Church, Leatherwolf, Liege Lord but also Judas Priest, Saxon or Iron Maiden can easily lay their hands on this one. 

Did the band improve in comparison with the previous disc? Well, the song aren’t always that fast anymore and Hellish War invested at some parts in stronger musical arrangements. On some songs you can hear the band became more mature, “Son of the king” is a perfect example! On the other hand I still have some doubts about some refrains because of the backing vocals, once again I mention “Son Of The King”. To be honest I am pretty difficult when I hear backing vocals in cheesy refrains, mostly they don’t hit me right into my face. I’m not such a big fan of the typical ‘Hammerfall refrains’ if you know what I mean. Thankfully there’s no exaggeration… 

The guitars take  me once more by the throat, some fantastic shredders are present here! I’ve heard some superb solos, the riffs are great! Same counts for the amazing vocal lines of Roger Hammer! I like his vocal sound and the way he screams!  

In my previous review I wrote that the lyrics of Hellish War are sometimes too ‘cliché’ to me. Same story here; these guys should leave the path of popularity in this particular case. But okay, it’s the music that counts and Hellish War delivered once more a great – yet not at all an original - album, no doubts about that. Some arrangements are amazingly strong and seldom heard (''My Freedom” and “Awaken” for example) but on other parts the band is middle-of-the-road. It’s up to them to work hard to really take a big step forward! 

Although Hellish War improved, the surprising effect on me vanished. Hellish War is, by this release, just a great Heavy Metal band that applies to be invited on one of the editions of the Keep It True or Headbangers Open Air festivals. And hell yeah, they deserve their place over there so I hope to see them in the future.  

If you’re into traditional Metal you can’t do anything wrong by purchasing this CD. After a few spins of both albums my votes goes for sure to the debut! 

My Points: 83 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)