Metal To Infinity

In the Metal scene there are plenty of bands I know by name but to be honest I have never heard their music. Hellish War belongs to that row and after the first notes I hear from this release I pity the fact I have never bought a release from this band before! These guys are from Brazil but their music is 100% in vein of the purest US Metal! 

Looking to their history it seems this is still a pretty young band. They release two albums, this one officially in 2001 and the follow up in 2008. About this last one you will find another review on our website. 

Hellish War delivers from the beginning up tempo Power Metal with awesome riffs and great guitar sessions. The tempo is rather high and Hellish War brings on one after another great Heavy Metal song, nothing original at all but oh so well  performed! You will find five true Metal heads in this band and they play along with an amazing power! The arrangements are fantastic, the song writing is for 100% pure Metal! 

Roger Hammer (is this guy really from Brazil?) seems to be a fantastic singer. He owns strong lungs, an extraordinary vocal sound and his vocal lines, including his high screams, are superb! Yes, this is how a good Heavy Metal singer should sound! Without any doubt  his vocals are lifting Hellish War up to the highest level! And no, this band will never receive stardom but fuck that; this is one hell of a good Heavy Metal band with some outstanding vocals! 

Also the guitars are amazing, riffs often fast as lighting, the solos are ripping from the beginning until the end! Both guitar players fit  perfectly with each other and along with the bass guitar sessions they will easily blow you away! Also the calmer guitar pieces are amazing and the band uses often subtle keyboards to create a perfect atmosphere! This band is in for high quality Heavy Metal and worked hard to make all these ingredients recognizable. If you’re into frequent tempo changes, Metal with an aggressive approach and first class vocals Hellish War will easily steal your soul! 

The only thing I pity is the fact the band wrote too much ‘traditional’ lyrics, too much clichés are present. The fact this band contains such good song writers and performers is making it indeed a pity to hear choruses I’ve heard so many times  before! By adding extra samples and an irresistible dark atmosphere this band could become one of my favorite bands! Musical wise they have everything I want from a good Metal band and if you know I’m totally fond of bands like Vicious Rumors, Helstar etc. you will understand my words! 

A strong release I’ve missed so many years ago. Thanks to Pure Steel Records I had the change “ re-discover” it and hell yeah, I’m crazy about this release! 

My Points: 90/100 (Review by Officer Nice)