Metal To Infinity

Out of Sweden comes a four piece Heavy Metal band named Helvetets Port, formed 9 years ago. Throughout this period, they’ve unleashed one EP entitled “Metal Strike”, very rare and hard to find as original product but don’t worry – on this CD version you’ll find back the tracks back as bonus material! 

I’ve never heard of Helvetets Port before so after a package loaded with two new efforts from Pure Steel Records on board reached my postal address, I gave these a few spins right away. As for the album “Exodus To Hell” I immediately like to say that it’s an output especially made for real old school Metal maniacs, how also have an pure admiration for NWOBHM! Checking out this effort without doing some research on the band’s history, you definitely would think they were formed in the very early 80s era! Actually Helvetets Port is a young ages unit, their sound is immensely based on the old school movement for sure. 

A vintage way of Heavy Metal with slices right from the world of NWOBHM, the combination are offered in a brilliant way to me. Guitar riffs played in a very easy, authentic, quite simple way – cult minded all the way. Also the vocals sound unique – fans of Manilla Road or Cyrith Ungol know what I mean… he sings with everything he’s hot in his might. Point is that some problems while using lower vocal notes appear from time to time so better ignore or working on it in the future can be considered as a good advise. For the rest I hear a charismatic (average kinda) type of frontman with a quite nice / completely old school voice colour and owner of high pitched screams too - unfortunately, he uses these not enough for my! 

“Exodus To Hell” contains 10 songs surely not made for mainstream followers of the Metal scene. People who’ll admire this effort are natural born, to the bone  Heavy Metal fanatics not afraid to go all the way back into time, so called early 80’s period. Two songs are sung in their own Swedish language which is not that comfortable due to the fact you don’t understand one single word of it but it’s their choice so…  

Has Helvetets Port blew me away? I say no. Has the band surprised me? Well, in some ways they have! I'm pleased with the album because of their passion for old school Heavy Metal and NWOBHM and the way it has been pleyed. I said it many times before – Classic Metal is definitely back on the trax, actually it has never been gone for me! Bands like Helvetets Port’s “Exodus To Hell” is welcome in my own arsenal of Metal albums! More information at: www.myspace.com/helvetetsport  

My Points: 82 / 100 (Review by Stefan)