Metal To Infinity

From down under Iíd like to represent you to Hemina! This was another band Iíve discovered by Myspace.com and when I saw the front cover of this EP I was attracted at once. Not that this is the most beautiful cover I have ever seen but the darkness in it did something to me. As above Iíve read this is a Progressive Metal band and a listen to one of their songs did the rest. It seems not to be a problem sending a promo and I am so grateful for it! 

Why? Because this is some outstanding Progressive Metal. Hemina is fronted by a man called Douglas Skene who has the perfect timbre for this kind of music. Some kind of melancholy is in his voice and heís a great singer; Iím really into this kind of dark emotional vocals. Donít expect a grunge or whatever, Skene has a clear and strong voice but thereís something about itÖ Itís a first good reason to discover the band. 

And Hemina is a Progressive band and as Iíve told you before itís difficult for these kind of bands to stand tall because mostly the skills are more important than the melody. It isnít for Hemina and although a lot of breaks and musical twisted varied arrangements are used the band keeps on enjoying the listener. It means some song writing talent is present. After the beautiful intro there a track called ďAnd How To Find A FriendĒ and believe me there are enough excellent ideas in it to fill an entire album of ten first class songs, got the picture? The problem with it is that it is not always that simple to discover the red lines but to be honest it didnít bother me at all. 

This EP contains four fantastic Progressive Metal tracks from a very high level. Fans of bands like Mindwarp Chamber, Dream Theater, Wolverine, Deadsoul Tribe etc. will adore this band. By my choice of comparable bands youíll understand Hemina mixes the technical stuff with melancholic elements. You can expect a lot of calm pieces right here but once more Iíd like to say how good the vocal lines are, also with those female voices (from Bass player Jessica Martin) in the background. This band deserves a lot of attention and is ready to conquer the hearts of every single Progressive Metal fan. They shouldnít doubt purchasing this one, others should at least give the band a listen at http://www.myspace.com/heminaaus or http://www.heminamusic.com.  

My Points: 89 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)