Metal To Infinity

I consider myself as a very big Thrash Metal fan but that’s normal when you know I grew up with it. What kind of Thrash? Well, all of it! I am fond of bands like Agent Steel, Flotsam & Jetsam, Forbidden but also adore the harsher kind of bands like Sadus, Sacrifice, Slayer… Talking about Slayer I can say they left me speechless behind last time they visited Belgium. They were so impressive I feel the need to see them back soon! It was a point to get again into this more extreme Thrash again and ever since I took multiple 'oldies but goodies' of this style again out of my collection…. Okay, until now I still am talking about the traditional bands but how about the new generation? Well, hard to say because not that many bands are able to blow me away… Not Evile, not Bonded By Blood, not Toxik Holocaust although the bands are explosive enough. I can't really say what they're missing but for some dark reason I don't feel connected with them. They’re working further on the basics lines Exodus, Slayer and for example Kreator explored so many years ago without even try to re-new the genre, to add something special into it. Is it necessary? Maybe not but it makes me stick to the originals…

Hemoptysis is able to deliver an impressive biography but around here they’re still unknown, I suppose only a chosen few have heard about these Americans before. As a matter of fact I haven’t received any signs that they’re extreme hot in the US as well, although the underground Thrash Metal scène has surely discovered them. Nevertheless I don’t what to add them to the list of newer bands I was talking about before for the simple reason Hemoptysis has much more to offer. No, they don’t re-discover Thrash Metal but they’re very good in what they’re doing. The fact they are blending aggression, neck breaking arrangements, and awesome guitar works with outstanding melodic lines is a bonus point if you compare them with lots of other new formations. They’re not typical American too, mixing the traditional German style (think Kreator) and the American style on a very good way. And yes, I'm into US Metal all the way but for some reason Hemoptysis made me respect the German Thrash Metal scène too...

From the beginning until the end Hemoptysis is able to hold my attention and obliges me to play imaginary guitars or drums, awesome! Melodic played leads, as in the beginning of “Shadow Of Death” are well tasted but this album is full of it. The harsh vocals fit the music well although with any other kind of Thrash Metal vocals I would have been impressed too. For Thrash Metal of the new generation this is a pretty exclusive album but if we compare it with all we grew up with it isn’t that spectacular original… But this album will easily convince every Thrash Metal fanatic, as it did convince me! Great musicians, good structured and for this kind of Thrash very melodic songs, an overdose of power and an evil and destructive atmosphere all the way! Add often spectacular guitars, especially for this genre and you know what to buy next if you’re into Thrash! Check http://rockitup.org.

My Points: 88 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)