Metal To Infinity

Those were the days the French Metal scene ruled with an iron fist. Like it was yesterday, I still can remember many moments of pure Heavy Metal joy with French bands like Sortilége, H Bomb, Vulcain, Demon Eyes, Satan Jokers, Blaspheme, High Power and more. Throughout the next following years, other Metal troops from France appeared – unfortunately I have to admit, there will be no Metal like 80s Metal to me. Actually a fact that applies for the entire Heavy Metal movement in general, no matter where they were came from! 

But the most important fact is that Metal is still alive and kicking – without this awesome way of music, well I can’t live for sure! The band Hemoragy is hailing from Paris, France – a thee member formation formed back in 2002 and with three efforts behing its name so far. Debut “First Blood” saw daylight in 2004 followed by “Jesus King Of Wine” released in 2007. This last one has been reviewed by Metal To Infinity co-editor Officer Nice a while ago and was not fully convinced with the songs on board. About their new album entitled “Headbang Till Death”, I’d like to spread the following words around! 

Due to the fact I can dig Officer Nice’s words on Hemoragy’s former output I gave the new one a few spins on yesterday. Is there any form of musical progression remarkable, I'm afraid to say no in some ways. The vocals of Johannes Musslin still can’t please me completely – hell no, it’s not a bad singer but it seems like he forces its throat too much. Hanging in the balance between quite clean and sort of rough type of singing – sometimes he delivers the goods, a bit later he misses the turning. I’d like to say that Johannes have to keep his voice rehearsals for real. He also plays guitar and on that point I have no reason to complain at all. Yes he know very what a good Heavy Metal riff is all about… roaring and screaming guitar violence will hits you in the head! 

Hemoragy still keep its 80s Heavy Metal believe intact and that’s real nice to hear. All the songs have an immortal eighties feel and brings many ways of old school HM memories to live. Good ones to me are: ‘Sold-Out’, ‘My Ticket For Hell’ and ‘Metallic Biker’. Besides the new songs, “Headbang Till Death” has something special to offer – a bonus, self-titled, game that includes a contest up till date June 30 – 2010. I don’t keep myself busy with gaming anyway, gimme just a good shot of Metal music and the rest is history. I guess that the young generation of Heavy Metal will be pleased with the game – better check it out right HERE.  

Good production, fantastic (pure Metal) artwork and an average delivery of Classic Heavy Metal to me. Hopefully, Hemoagy can convince me more with a future release. More info at: www.myspace.com/hemoragy  

My¨points: 66 / 100 (Review by Stefan)