Metal To Infinity

I’ve noticed this band before at the Myspace.com pages and added them as a friend. To be honest I was keeping my eyes to their page because first of all they sounded pretty good and second they’re from Texas! As anybody knows the Metal movement from Texas offered us more first class bands in the past, even the ultimate Metal band Helstar has their roots in this particular state. 

At the Alcatraz festival Stefan gave me this CD to review and I admit I was anxious about it. The album takes off with an instrumental introduction, making it clear that some good musicians are present here. Singer Sky Aum falls in and if you’re into high pitched, soaring vocals you the band will easily get all of your intention. Meanwhile two guitars are delivering emotional played solos, the bass guitar is strong. At the end of “Journey Of  Enlightenment” Sky offers a high scream and I suppose it was meant as a start for the second song, “Sunrise”. This is a demo so, don’t expect an overwhelming production. Nevertheless you will discover a band that plays Heavy Metal within the spirit of the entire Eighties US Metal movement; Progressive, hard hitting, with a slight touch of Speed Metal and overall a dark atmosphere! 

Hierophant delivers 7 songs on this demo and all are reminding me to some kind of mixture between and up-tempo Fates Warning, Deadly Blessing, Helstar especially Cauldron Born and Zandelle. The band keeps on delivering one after another good song but it’s obvious a stronger production would lift this band up to a higher level. The songwriting is excellent and “Midnight” for example shows that this band is full of good musical ideas! Both guitarists are spoiling me with great arrangements. The riffs are good, the solos the way I like them and I have always liked twin guitars, so nothing to say about this particular point. Well, nothing? I hope this band will record the guitars far stronger at their official debut! 

Sky Aum contains a very good vocal sound for this kind of Metal but in my opinion his voice needs more stability and power. This guys has plenty of opportunities, it’s up to him to work hard and discover his boundaries, not to exaggerate in touching the highest notes! The way he sings “Enslaved” is ideal because his voice is the strongest just below his limits… In this song he even reminds me – at some parts actually - to the one and only James Rivera (Helstar, Seven Witches, Vicious Rumours),  and he might see this is a huge compliment.  

The best song to me is “Enslaved”, the one I mentioned before. Once more I’m astonished by some fantastic guitars; emotional – fast fingered – superb! Also the rhythm of this track is awesome!  “Heart of fire” is another strong track and deserves all of you attention! Meanwhile it is the fifth time in a row I am listening to the demo, great! 

Well, I want to give this band all the support I can and I really hope they will find what they’re searching for! This band deserves your attention and US Metal fanatics will be astonished by this demo. I can’t wait to hear more from these guys! Check them out at:  http://www.myspace.com/hierophanttheband

MY POINTS : 83 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)