Metal To Infinity

Swedisch iron on Pure Steel! This band is totally unknown to me but as usual with Pure Steel Records I can expect some good traditional Heavy Metal. The tempo from the first track is good, the production full of power and this counts for the entire album! This band describes theirselves  as NWOCHM, which stands for the New Wave Of Classic Heavy Metal. Is there actually a new wave of Metal bands nowadays? Oh yes, worldwide traditional Heavy Metal is back on the front and the reunion of plenty of classic Metal bands proves true Metal heads are still around! Also the fact traditional Metal festivals are often sold out shows and  the fans are still out there! 

So, I suppose you know what to expect with a band like this oneÖ Good riffs, a lot of screaming and fast fingered guitars, up tempo bass and drums. It is clear Hjallahorn is influenced by the Eighties Metal movement, the music and the lyrics are breathing 100% pure Metal! Foreseen with a good guitar player the band shows that the roots of Heavy Metal are still playing an important role. Hjallarhorn delivers  us all kind of ingredients our worldwide community is fond of.  

If youíre a fan of the NWOBHM movement or if youíre into bands like Metal Church, Anvil, Annihilator etc.  Hjallarhorn wonít disappoint you. Singer/guitar player Dani Nilsen isnít exactly an exceptional vocalist and his vocal lines might be the weakest point of the band. Because of the band is playing very good Heavy Metal I am convinced a good singer is necessary to be competitive in the future. The band delivers good songs but the vocalist isnít able to lift the band to a higher level. Therefore I hope that this band will at first search for a first class singer, which could make them pretty attractive.   

Hjallahorn did more than its best to deliver a good CD, to me it is more than an enjoyable one. Nevertheless Hjallarhorn is too mediocre if you compare them to plenty of other new releases.  

My Points: 78 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)