Metal To Infinity

Holy Blood comes from Kiev, Ukraine and became one full member outfit in way back in 1999. Based on their musical activities so far, some research on the band’s background history allows me to tell you that dealing with a lot of line up changes was nothing but a cold hard fact. Throughout the years of existence, Holy Blood seemed to be on the hunt for the right and a well fitting style of music. True story is that the band played multiple manners of Metal until now. Check it out – they’ve started as a Hardcore Punk act followed by playing their stuff in a Melodic Death / Grind Metal way… finally these days they bring on a mixture of Folk Metal (Ukrainian tradition) treated with elements taken from the world of Death and Black Metal (only musical wise because due the lyrics of Holy Blood are Christian oriented). Quite hard to get a grip on that but so be it! 

All honour to Bombworks Records, the US based label who unleashed this fourth Holy Blood album a while ago. Besides the music on the on the silver disc, the entire packaging looks very good. Full coloured, many pages thick booklet including lyrics, great images and stuff. The sound quality is optimal and fully arranged for this type of music so based on all these points, you won’t be disappointed at all! But what about the songs on it? 

To let my heart speak, I don’t see myself as a maniac that listens to this music style so called Folk Metal for many hours a day. Holy Blood reminds me of other comparable acts like Korpiklaani, Turisas, Wintersun, Finntroll among others and to be honest, I'm not very interested in these bands’ ways of Metal. In fact I have no problem with the Metal aspect of this type of music but using instruments like a block flute, buzka, valinca and stuff is a bridge too far for myself. Also the input of the female ‘operatic’ vocal lines aren’t able to pump up my attention a little bit more.  Female fronted bands like Epica, Revamp, Sirenia, Imperia, Nightwish and so on are not my cup of tea at all so I hope you will get the picture by now. As mentioned so many times before, it’s just a personal meaning that won’t take away my respect for all those bands offering Metal this way out. 

Since the last few years, Metal music with a folk minded Black or Pagan identity nearly can be considered as somekind of a hype. More and more bands appear on the horizon ready to get themselves into the spotlights. Throughout the last few years, so many Metal subgenres has been born which makes it a hard and tough task to stay completely updated. As for Holy Blood: the perfect album for maniacs on the hunt for Death / Black Metal fully inspired by the Ukrainian folk tradition. As for myself: not my alley for sure, still I'm in an average mode of satisfaction! http://www.holyblood.com.ua/  

My Points: 70 / 100 (Review by Stefan)