Metal To Infinity

Awesome how this band takes off with this CD! They start with a mediocre production but suddenly some very good produced first class Heavy Metal is heading my way! I hear razor sharp riffs, a great melodic line and some outstanding vocals. Who are these guys? Holy Cross? From France? Damn, I’ve never heard of them and I would have never thought these guys are European, certainly not from France… 

After a few spins I find out the band is influenced by the US Metal scene (Jag Panzer, Iced Earth, Omen, Cage,…) and the European Heavy Metal scène (especially Hammerfall). I suppose this sentence is enough to convince you purchasing this CD or not. Anyway Holy Cross delivers you a very good produced CD with ten good Heavy Metal tracks. Nothing world shocking will make part of you after listening to this one but I’ve heard a band that contains some good musicians. Some guitar solos are really breathtaking, some arrangements are well chosen! In “Lightning From The North” for example you will hear some amazing guitars! This track is anyhow one of the best on this release, because of the guitars and some mighty vocal lines! 

Mickael Champoneed owns a very good voice, some strong lungs are included. Especially his high screams are awesome! In combination with some of his vocal lines he might remind you to Matthew Barlow (Iced Earth). No, he’s not from the same quality but god damn, this French lad contains a very good voice! With this man and with the right musical ideas he can lift Holy Cross to a higher level! It seems the man has some troubles pronouncing the English lyrics perfectly, something he needs to work hard on if Holy Cross wants to make an international career.  

International career? Yes, I believe Holy Cross owns the capabilities to play abroad! Especially if more darkness and more breathtaking power will make part of their songs this could be a ‘high wanted’ band on plenty of True Metal festivals! It means that Holy Cross will stay underground, okay, but so what? The path to eternal celebrity is anyhow far too difficult for bands that still play Traditional Heavy Metal! 

Yes, this release pleases me a lot. Holy Cross brings on the elements that make me love this genre! Every track is convincing enough and that means some good song writers and performers are present here! “Return To Asgard” for example is a first class Heavy/Power Metal track! Holy Cross can easily hook up with plenty of European Power Metal bands, no doubts about it. To hook up with US Power Metal bands is still a few steps too far for this  band although we know that this ain’t the right path to become successful…  

Welcome to the world of True Metal! I really hope to see the band as soon as possible at one of these mighty (German) True Metal festivals, a place where Holy Cross belongs! Check http://www.holycrossmetal.com  

My Points: 85 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)