Metal To Infinity

This band from Norway released an EP before. Horizon Ablaze is a Death Metal band from the Scandinavian part of Europe and we all know thereís a lot of quality out there. The dark woods inspired plenty of first class Black Metal bands but also in other extreme genres this part of the world seems to be excellent. 

This CD seems to be a concept album about World War II and Iíve told before how difficult it is to write a concept album. The biggest problem is to hold the attention of the listener. Even harder it is to perform all equal qualitative tracks. In Death Metal a concept album isnít that common so yes, I was curious about this one. 

At least Horizon Ablaze knows perfectly how to create a dark atmosphere. The samples in and between the tracks and the orchestral parts that are weaved into the music are perfectly to bring the listener into this mood. Musical wise Horizon Ablaze plays Death Metal in different rhythms and theyíre varied all the way. Another brand is that Horizon Ablaze is a technical band. The result are well played Death Metal tracks. 

Yet I donít have the constant feeling listening to a concept album. Therefore the songs arenít enough connected with each other but thankfully the band keeps on weaving samples into the songs so I donít get fully disconnected. Nevertheless Iíve heard some great Metal in which especially the bass guitars are amazing. Horizon Ablaze is skilled enough to deliver us a good album. Nothing out of space but good enough to maintain your attention.  

My Points: 77 / 100  (Review by Officer Nice)