Metal To Infinity

Into Thrash Metal both US and European minded - stay for a while reading the following review for Italian based Hyades' third and new effort ''The Roots Of Trash''... yeah sure, without the character 'h' right after the 'T'! Their preceding albums were good to me - loaded with pure Thrash Metal songs, I had a great time listening to both albums. Since the early days of existence (2006) offering Metal music in a way, actually a blend of both old school and nowadays.    

Legendary label Mausoleum Records spread out wings over the release of the new one ''The Roots Of Trash'' in full glory - amazing production to enjoy and also a superb looking cover artwork of grandmaster creator of numerous artistic paintings for bands like Megadeth, Nuclear Assault, Possessed, Evildead, Vio-lence, Sanctuary, Death, Defiance,... as always Ed delivers the best of the best in Metal artwork!    

First song on Hyades' new output called 'Long Way Back Home' is actually some kind of an intro / instrumental before all hell breaks loose basically! Next 'I Belong To No One' is an excellent piece of Thrash Metal - pure as can be with fast and great guitar rhythms, riffs, solo's ,... you've got it all right from the start. I won't forget to mention that the band has a new bassist in its ranks, you can call him by the name of Jerico and 'yes'... he's a real good bass fiddler anyway.    

'A.F.M.S.' which stands for Anti Fashion Megasmosh Force is not that fast played as the one before but comes on strong with a nice 'moshing' tempo in the vein of Anthrax 'Among The Living'. Also 'The Great Deceit' is a song a really like due to the furious thrashing tempi and awesome guitar riffs / solo's. About the vocal use - well, Marco Colombo has a real good voice  to me but as for singing in a Thrash Metal band, I'd like to hear it all a bit more aggressive with temporary, sharpened screams in between and if it's possible here and there a few high pitched vocal lines... I know, maybe this is 'too much asking' but that's just what I mostly consider as a so called 'excellent / top notch Thrash Metal frontman'. Especially bands from the amazing Bay Area Thrash Metal movement to know what that's all about!    

Another track that smacks me in the face is 'Alive But Dead' - killer Thrash Metal riffs to the extreme... I'm feeling good there is more excellent stuff on the way such as 'Worse Than The Silence' and 'The Moshing Reel'. ''The Roots Of Trash'' stops with a cover track from The Offspring entitled 'Come Out And Play'. To be honest, I don't get the picture why Hyades recorded a cover from The Offspring - a band who has absolutely nothing to do with Thrash Metal. I'm not that satisfied with this last one but anyway, the remaining songs on 'The Roots Of Trash' were a pleasure to listen at so forgettabout it!    

Definitely an album for fans of Crumbsuckers, late Exodus / Kreator, Anthrax, Tankard. Real good effort delivering moshing or headbanging stuff to let yourself go completely - my eventual appraisal tells me that I'm impressed an average way! Watch out for Hyades at: www.myspace.com/hyadesband  - orders can be placed via: www.mausoleum-records.com  

MY POINTS: 85 / 100 (Review by Stefan)