Metal To Infinity

The moment is on to expose a band haling from Japan - actually a formation who deserve some extra attention because of their long time career as Metal musicians. Formed back in 1991 and from there, Hydra brought out a three song demo in 1995, in 1997 they worked out a song called ‘Anger’ for a Metal compilation entitled “Kill ‘em All Fakin’ Metal 2”. I guess both works had been meant to prove what they had to offer the next couple of months / years. The response was very positive so Hydra took the next step for real – the making of a full-length album that got the title “Exhibition Of Malice”. Somewhere in 1999 all was set and done – Hydra unveiled their debut CD with confidence! Maybe for some of you out there the album too old to be reviewed nowadays – as for myself, I'm pleased the band gave me the opportunity to spread the word of their very first full length output so let the job be done! 

Opener ‘Proceeding Of Heretic’ kicks off as sort of an intro but floats over in a real song that got me by the throat right on. Amazingly, fast guitar riffs and a screaming, yet high pitched vocalist lifts up my attention. Half past this song, a lower vocal use sets in during a small break but what follows speaks to my imagination, I mean the guitar solo’s are so damn excellent… global vision on this first track can be described as fully satisfied! ‘Computer Syndrome’ starts with a technical guitar riff and goes on, a bit in the vein of Vicious Rumors… great vocals and the way this song is build up satisfies my heart and soul. I recommend US Metal maniacs to check these Japanese out too – especially the technical side of the guitar movements they will like a lot! 

In fact, Hydra plays pure Metal music that breathes multiple sub-genres ranges from Classic Power to Heavy Metal and from Speed to Thrash Metal. Have to admit that I truly like the high vocals but when it comes to a lower vocal use, I got the feeling something’s not fully right. Trust me – there are only a few passages where the band’s vocalist take a lower voice trip and actually, I'm very happy with that. Great singer as long as he brings his notes in a high pitch or more powerful style! 

Meet more pure Metal from Hydra with highlights as ‘Changes From Primary Form’, ‘Dar Seeds’, ‘Stone’ and my absolute fave of the entire album entitled ‘Purgatory Way’, the one with the exclusive / scorching guitar duties played real fast but straight to the bone and a lot of technical skill. Bands that can offer songs like this definitely must be real good… US Metal fanatics, check this one out also! 

One thing is for sure, It's  almost impossible to put one particular style on Hydra’s form of music. Multiple Metal topics crosses my mind while listening, mostly with a late 80s / early 90s character which was a period we all had a great time in True Metal. Who should give “Exhibition Of Malice” from Hydra a try out? Well, I take a step back and don’t want to misguide you… I’d rather like to say Hydra is food for all those maniacs into Classic Heavy / Power / Speed or even Thrash Metal. If technical, musical twist and turns are on your list of needful elements too – you will be a rewarded individual! Be aware that the review for Hydra’s second and new album “Long Way To Lord And Other Stories” will be online soon so keep an eye on our CD Reviews section. www.myspace.com/newpopsprogressivehydra  

My Points: 88 / 100 (Review by Stefan)