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A few years ago, Metal To Infinity co-editor Patrick De Sloover did the review for Images Of Eden’s album called “Sunlight Of The Spirit”, released in 2006 through Nightmare Records. In the end, Pat decided to give the effort a well deserved, very good rating. We hoped on a quick follow up to this CD but finally, the wait lasted 5 years, quite a long time actually. To forget and forgiven their absence in the world of Progressive Hard Rock and Metal music for the past five years – I'm glad to spread the word of third and brand new full length CD called “Rebuilding The Ruins”, international available through Nightmare Records since March 01 – 2011. 

The man that gave birth to IOE named Gordon Tittsworth back in 1999 is still present in the nowadays line up of the band. Gordon is a very promising multi instrumentalist who has a godlike, unique voice and he is also ultimate competent based on the deliveries of outstanding rhythm and bass guitar works – if that isn’t enough, he’ll push you to the limit with extraordinary additional keyboard lines as well. Hell no, I won’t forget to tell he’s also the master brain behind the Images Of Eden song writings. It needs to be said that Gordon is a world class musician who actually deserves plenty of more attention from the outside world than he got so far. On the new album “Rebuilding The Ruins” he got musical support from lead guitarist Dennis Mullin, piano / keyboardist L. Dean Harris and drummer / producer Chris Lucci.  

Playing the first song of the album  ‘Crosses In the Sand’, my ears are pleased with a great sound quality and an amazing song structure. As told before, superb and very clean vocals in the vein of godlike frontmen such as Geoff Tate, James Labrie  and Ray Alder – musically based, they take my breath away due to loads of excellent guitar rhythms and a stunning lead guitar demonstration. While reaching the end, the song becomes into a flow acceleration – brilliant! It’s obviously clear that fans of Fates Warning, Symphony X, Dream Theater, Katagory V and Queensryche will have a wonderful time checking out this new IOE effort! 

These guys are professionally able to set their songs in a very attractive manner… technical and groovy, power guitar riffage alternating with heartfelt melodic parts delivered by a competent profession axeman. Leader of the gang Gordon Tittsworth knows how to work out a decent song structure, be sure about that! Nice and easy on the ears comes a song called “Memories Unbroken” – every now and than, this one takes me back into the days of another great ProgMetal act named Katagory V and I'm very happy with that. Along with track entitled ‘My Stigmata’ comes some more speed up rhythms from both groovy guitar riffings and rums – all perfectly worked out and another masterpiece to listen at. “Children Of Autumns’ starts in a melancholic way with superb vocals and as soon as the piano begins to pluck, the song reached another, more powerful level including a fantastic guitar solo and even more pleasant moves to enjoy with full force.  

One of the most awesome songs for me is the one that close the final curtain entitled ‘Sunlight Of The Spirit Part V – Images Of Eden’. Make yourself comfortable for at least 12 minutes of Progressive Metal at its best. Guitars those who bring on a lot of high power and energy and when it comes to the solo works, I feel myself rising up to seventh heaven… beautiful shreds that takes you by the throat! During the entire album, I only hear magnificent vocals… loud and very clear, near to high pitched actually, this is what I call a world class singer! Long story short, make notice of this awesome last track from Images Of Eden’s new album “Rebuilding The Ruins” and please … don’t come tell me afterwards you didn’t like this great composition. If you still do I absolutely refuse to believe you anyway. 

Progressive Metal became some kind of a world based hype – I got my own so called “progfaves” and you got yours which is a fair deal to me. To make myself more understandable, Images Of Eden’s new output deserved my complete attention and gets a whole package of total appreciation. Because of the fact, the entire concept of “Rebuilding The Ruins” (running time: 74+ minutes!!) is very qualitative / professional,  I’d like to tell you all – this is one of my favourite Progressive Hard Rock / Metal discs at the moment. Check them out right HERE or .  

My Points: 93 / 100 (Review by Stefan)