Metal To Infinity

Thrashers beware! This might be one of the highlights for the upcoming months. Dudes, these guys, blew me out of seat from the very first moments. Immortal Souls open modest with the intro ‘Art Of Death act I: Soulbells’, but when this short opener ends, you better fasten your seatbelts! ‘Evil Believer’ grabbed me by the throat and balls at the same moment, and this track can be best described as a Killer track! What a great feeling to hear the voice (?) of A. Sarkioja and his brothers E. Sarkioja six strings scream and howl at the moon! This is melodic SUPER Death Metal from Finland, of course! They call their music Winter Metal, which is new to me. Listen to the next track on this masterpiece and you will encounter what Winter Metal is all about with the devastating track ‘Nuclear Winter’. That’s exactly how this album will be taking you by storm. No retreat, no surrender!  

This is already their fourth output, so I have one important quest for the next coming months: look after their previous albums, as I really dig it! If you like your metal with some extra commercial touch, check the track ‘One Last Withering Rose’, and you will be surprised that this band is also able to bring clean vocals in between aggressive moments! Really awesome that this band is up and running since 1991, and still active in the underground scene. This is a perfect example that musical skills and craftsmanship is a direct key to major success. As long as these metalheads bring their music with so much passion and dedication, I don’t care if they are major or not. They probably have the time of their live with their band Immortal Souls, and that’s the most important thing!   

My rating: 92 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)