(Questionnaire by OFFICER NICE) 


Hello guys, here Officer Nice from the METAL TO INFINITY webzine. I have some questions for you, hope you’ll like them.  

Dear Nice, thank you very much for the interview, these are awesome questions! 

Q: Thornwill is a new band on this planet so please, introduce us to the members and tell us more about the history of the band.  


A: Thornwill was called to life five – six years ago. After struggling with member changes, we could finally find a rock solid company of five friends. We started to work on our first album two years ago. Our plan was to create an album first, and tour after, so that we can start playing our own music. We played in other bands before Thornwill, so we had a lot of experience how we need to do it. The members are: Álmos Gábor - vocals, Krisztián Ágoston – guitars, Márton Szabó – guitars, Tamás Paróczi – bass, Gábor Németh – drums.  



Q: Hungary is no common country if we talk about Metal. Tell us more about the scene in your country.  


A: The scene is very small, and full of bands. Unfortunately we feel every year that less people are willing to attend to live gigs, shows, maybe because of the economy, maybe for some other reasons. Today folk metal is the most popular here, but there are still a lot of fans of good heavy metal music. On the other hand, we have great summer festivals with tons of people, even from abroad, so that’s the main focus of most of the bands, to play at the festivals. Now people are mourning Gary Moore, and the others who left us not so long ago. 



 Q: “Implosion” has just been released. How were the critics until now?  


A: We got many reviews ranging from hundred percent positive to not as good, but every review could point out positive things, and almost every review mentioned that there is a good potential in Thornwill. Of course we got suggestions to improve some aspects, however sometimes contradictory things. So it is not straightforward, but at least we know the main areas to focus on. Based on what we read in the reviews, we are very proud now.




Q: It was obvious that this record is well produced. Can you tell us more about the time in studio?  


A: We have our own recording studio, so we could spend any amount of time to record the material, and we spent at least one month to record everything. This is a good way of working, because quality can degrade very fast if musicians are tired. Second, we spared a hell amount of money. The mix and mastering was done in Denevér Studio, Hungary. It is one of the most popular Rock studios in Hungary; the name is already a guarantee of quality. The time spent in the studio was great fun.  



Q: Musical wise Thornwill isn’t that easy to label and mixes different subgenres of Metal. Anyway, what can people who don’t know the band, expect or in other words why should they buy the album…  


A: People can expect powerful riffs, deep feelings, melodies. Style is ranging from hard rock to power metal with some progressive elements, but we think every song fits to our Thornwill style. We never decided that we would like to play power or heavy metal. It just comes out of us. 



Q: What are the musical influences anyway?  


A: We listen Rage, Savatage, Dream Theater, Annihilator, Nevermore, old Metallica, and a lot of other great bands from rock to death metal. But still the first few are the most recognizable influence I guess. 



Q: Extraordinary are the booklet  and the front cover. These comics are fantastic and gives the album for a part its own character.  Can you tell us more about the creation of this comics and the reason you’ve chosen to use them for the album?  

A: We wanted to do something new in style that is not too common in Metal music. The songs also have stories, about love, failure, crime; there are sometimes very deep feelings and personal memories behind. We wanted to give an additional layer to express those feelings. I personally love comics, Frank Miller, Neil Gaiman for example, so for me it was a straightforward idea, I know how powerful comics can be.  



Q: Is there a link between every single drawn and the songs on the album?  

A: Yes, there is one for each song, and they tell the story of the songs. 



Q: The entire album is available for download. What’s the strategy behind it?  


A: We have the strategy to get to as many people as possible. In Hungary people usually don’t buy CDs, and still don’t pay for mp3. Abroad it might be a bit different, but still it is easier to offer it for free, because it can grant us a great chance to get exposure. It is possible to buy the album in CD format, or in mp3s, but it’s just an option to support the band if somebody likes it. Sometimes we get donations too. We plan to release our next album also for free. 



Q: The booklet, the production…. All are pretty professional.  Nevertheless this is a private pressing so how did you guys managed it to release such a professional product?  


A: We have many friends who helped us, so we could do most of the work for free, or for a small amount of money. It was a huge job anyway. It took us more than a year to build up what we have, design, graphics, drawings, homepage, video clips, community sites.  



Q: How about a label? Is there a chance you guys will be picked up by some label soon?  


A: We hope so J So labels, please read this interview J Even if not, we will continue the work to create more great albums for the fans we already have, and for those who we don’t have yet.



Q: I have the feeling Thornwill is a good live band too, right? Is there a chance we will see the band in other European countries soon?  


A: Right! J We could play in Slovakia, Slovenia already, and we are planning to get to the neighboring countries soon. Also we accept invitations usually… 



Q: Any last word for our readers?  


A: Greetings to every metal fan reading this interview. Also check out our videos on youtube, we have a nice video clip on the track Noah’s Ark released last autumn, and another for Civilized Ways. We are also present on facebook. We hope to see you on stage, live, maybe in Belgium too J