Metal To Infinity

Well, what’s in a name… If you receive a promo from a band (a man?) which calls themselves Jake Porn, you can go all the way in many different directions.  Is this a gimmick, is it just a humoristic approach or do we have to deal with porn addicts that are more into the real meat pleasures…  Who can say, even the internet seems to be retarded if you want to get more info on this band. With a word like Porn in your band’s name, you have to do real efforts to navigate into musical websites, believe me! 

So, let’s give it a try and see what they have to offer..  The name of the album is called ''Something Different'', which is a harbinger of lot of directions. The opener of the album is called ‘Rollercoaster’ and in less than three minutes we hear a lot of interesting things. The guitars are loud and messy, the vocals are better than expected and the overall impression is very positive.  The chorus lines are inviting to sing-along, the arrangement is worked out well, and I was curious to listen to more songs of this band.  The next track is called ‘Partyzone’, and again we hear loud guitars that are played at high speed and with a lot of melody.  The musical direction  of Jake Porn is no metal at all, but can be described as modern day rock and roll with influences from Nu Metal, a little punk, but above all they succeeded in giving the songs an own identity that might be considered as the PornStyle that they preach.   

The album takes about 36 minutes, and we get a lot of rock/alternative songs that can be considered as great material when played on ten in a smoky pub. Just blow your speakers and tear down the roof, and you will have a lot of fun while listening to tracks like #3 ‘So What’,  # 4 ‘Flame’ and #8 ‘Save Me’.   

Unexpected, we also get a nice ballad called ‘My Decision’, and I’m sure that a lot of the American oriented rock acts would be proud to bring this songs on their roster !

All in all, we have to conclude that Jake Porn is above the average, and they truly bring something different.  If they want to emerge from the underground scene, they should reconsider if they want to keep this name. It’s  bringing the musical capability to a lower level, and they won’t be taken serious by those that never heard of them… 

My rating: 81 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)