Metal To Infinity

I didn’t need my little brain to find out what kind of Music Joe Thrasher delivers. Thrash? Of course! Nevertheless the first notes, from a song called “Speed Kills” are more mid tempo. In this opening track Scott Wark and his other band mates are gearing the tempo up once and a while, without making this song sound super fast. Who is Joe Thrasher anyway? For sure it ain’t a band member, so the band’s name can be considered as a pretty original one. Time to dig into the history of this Canadian band…. 

History? Not that much to find about these three lads. On their page there isn’t a biography available and their official website is under construction, damn! Yes, I really mean ‘damn’ because this kind of music is very enjoyable if you’re into Eighties Metal. Joe Thrasher can be compared with a mix between Annihilator, Overkill, Exciter at the one side and some US Power  and Bay Area Thrash Metal bands with raw vocals on the other (think Metal Church and Exodus). Faster pieces are available but at the end this band decided to play some kind of hard hitting Heavy Metal with major thrashy riffs and arrangements. 

Scott Wark has a very cool voice. At the one hand his vocal sound is raw and violent, in vein of Steve Sousa (Exodus) and David Wayne (RIP), on the other hand he delivers some great screams. His aggressive approach is present all over the album and his voice fits perfect at this kind of music, hammering in your mind from the beginning until the end. I’d really want to hear this guy sing on the higher notes more often! 

Don’t expect high technical arrangements, instead you should be prepared for sharp and catchy riffs, some outstanding powerful and energetic Thrashy music sessions and tracks that will break your neck in a few seconds. Thanks to the fast fingered and screaming guitar solos Joe Thrasher sounds very reliable in what they’re doing. Tracks like “SST”, “Riot” and “Marching” are really great Thrash Metal songs where the bands seems to combine melody, power and raw aggression. And yes, some solos are pretty spectacular because of the way the strings are pulled! My favorite track is without any doubts “WTD” (Waking the dead). 

In times where Thrash is successful again Joe Thrasher delivers an album that might receive the attention of some labels. Not that this is the modern kind of Thrash the youth is longing for but it’s great to hear a band that uses mid tempo Thrash Metal songs to please the listeners. I always liked this kind of bands. Check them out at: .  

My Points: 83 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)