Metal To Infinity

I always declared that there will be no Metal like 80s Metal – a statement I actually won’t change for nothing or nobody… these are words coming straight from my heart! The brotherhood, the fun and especially the style of music was so different than it is right now in 2009 – damn, those were the days! To be honest with all of you – I have a collection of eighties Metal stuff that can be considered as ‘quite expended’ and it still grows on and on due to the great initiatives a particular record labels by re-releasing all those old school pearls on compact disc. Yeah I know, nothing better than a good old, original vinyl album but hey… as mentioned before, the world took weird turns through the years and we can’t do a damn thing about it! 

Tons of great Heavy Metal back in the early 80s, I can stand my own ground speaking about most of the bands but here and there – some releases appear nowadays on CD… some of them I’ve never heard before such as the band Jonah Quizz basically. Reading these guys’ background history, they were from Stockholm, Sweden – formed a long time ago in 1979. Jonah Quizz’ existed only a couple of years but with two demo releases on the list of efforts, they shameless can look back to this period - even with heads up high. Knights in Metal services Stormspell Records released the band’s both demo’s as CD edition – we all should be very grateful to this great label! 

Formed in late 70s and the unleash of two demo’s in the early eighties – well, you know what these guys’ style is all about. Pure as can be Old School Heavy Metal music is what comes up to enjoy. Right up in your face guitar riffs with hammering drums and filthy bass lines and I don’t even speak about the vocal lines. The vocal use of Jonah Quizz is so damn typical for an 80s outfit – loud and clear with high pitched moments. First 4 songs are taken from the band’s 2nd demo released in 1982 – the remaining 5 songs brings on the complete songlist of their debut demo unleashed back in 1980. 

In my opinion there is a quite huge difference between both demo works – based on both musical and vocal aspect, I hear forms of progression which means that the band was not that strong in the beginning due to vocal lines unaccustomed to me. As already mentioned, their second demo (fully audible on this CD) reflects a band that took big steps forward. Vocals much better and also the rest of the musicians can caught my complete attention. Listening to the entire CD entitled “Anthology 1980 – 1982” I'm partial pleased. I really do like the four songs of the band’s first demo – as to discuss the quality of their second output, I have my own doubts.  

They never recorded more demo’s afterwards, on the contrary – the guys had to fulfil their military services back then… sad but true point is Jonah Quizz  never came back to offer more Metal tunes. The curtain fell over their existence but better to keep it short and outstanding than bands showing up while beating around the bush for too many years… in the end they have to follow the exit door into the void. 

Yeah, thx to Stormspell Records for such types of releases – as for Jonah Quizz themselves, I'm quite satisfied and proud this anthology can be attached to my golden eighties Metal arsenal! Want to order? Check out:   

MY POINTS: 84 / 100  (Review by Stefan)