Metal To Infinity

Is this Juggernaut from Texas or Juggernaut from Minnesota? Itís neither of them; this seems to be an Italian Juggernaut. Okay, both American Juggernautís werenít that famous but in modern times, with the entire world in your PC, it isnít that hard to find out if there are already bands with the same name. Well, not that this is so important but I admit I was hoping that this was the Texan JuggernautÖ. 

Listening to the first notes itís clear this band has nothing to do with both other bands. If youíre into groovy overwhelming Death Metal with a bog slice to some modern Doom Metal this Juggernaut might be what youíre looking for. The music is ultra heavy, the screaming grasp grunts efforts this effect. This is modern Metal and singer Sasa tries to vary his voice all the time. Musical wise Juggernaut is technical in their arrangements although it is often hard to get into their music. 

Not exactly my cup of tea but Iím quite sure a lot of youngsters will be pleased by Juggernaut. By adding some atmospheric samples here and there Juggernaut creates a darker mood, not the one that impresses me to be honest. This might be too modern for me but that doesnít mean this debut album should be heard. Check them out at: http://www.myspace.com/thejuggernautband  

My Points: 78 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)