Metal To Infinity

Holy shit, what an amazing news it was when Stormspell Records announced the release of this one. Not that I have ever been really familiar with this Canadian formation but I once heard a song of them and I admit being impressed. Unfortunately I couldnít lay my hands on their demo. As a big fan of old Progressive Metal bands like Lethal, old Fates Warning, Queensryche, Crimson Glory, Heir Apparent or the early Dream Theater albums I couldnít deny this one. So, Iíve purchased it at once. This CD contains these Canadianís first demo out of 1991 and another one under their second band name; Seven Years. Later on these guys changed their name again into In The Name to vanish soon after. 

Itís so damn pitiful this band wasnít able to break through but the release date of the first demo makes a lot understandable.  The labels were in that era not at all interested anymore in true Metal and to be honest Canada has never been the favorite country of the Metal business. Nevertheless these years were also the beginning of Dream Theaterís big success but I suppose they were an exception. Anyhow Kingsbane wasnít that fortuned to find a label that could bring them stardom. Meanwhile Iíve read Kingsbane reunited and is prepared to write a new CD, it would be fantastic! 

This band holds everything that makes those old Progressive Metal bands so irresistible. I really adore the way how this kind of original and melodic arrangements are technical played. It seems every note is so easy for these lads, that every touch of the instrument sounds so naturally. The breaks and tempo changes are flowing so without any effort  into each other and the variation in every track sounds so logic. When I was talking about the difficulty of Canadian bands to maintain fame I forgot to talk about Rush and let them be one of the biggest sources of inspiration for Kingsbane, no doubts about it! 

Fabien Madeleine is without any doubts the most ear catching member of this band. His voice is at some points very similar to Charlie Dominici (first Dream Theater CD and solo-albums) but also Tom Malicoat (Lethal) crosses my mind. This is a huge compliment to the guy and must be a reason for fans to give this CD a special place in their CD-racks. It are this kind of singers, using their voice on this kind of technical played Progressive Metal, that makes this genre so Godlike. There still are some gems to discover in this typical style but itís so damn hard to find bands that reach almost the point of perfection, Kingsbane is because of this singer getting near. Only superlatives can be used for what Madeleine is able to and either the strength of his voice either his vocal sound are mind-blowing! 

The songs of both bands on this one, Kingsbane and Seven Years, are just awesome. The band kept on playing the same style and the production on this silver disc is more than good enough. Itís not that easy to learn the songs by heart at once but Iím quite sure fans of the genre will keep on listening to it. The drums, the guitars and the bass lines have their own creative secrets and the flowing guitar harmonies - with just the right amount of power and simple but effective songwriting-  are resulting into a trip down memory lane. 

Stormspell Records keeps on surprising us and the fact that they stayed focused to old gems makes me hopeful for the future. I canít have enough from this kind of re-releases, giving everybody the honest chance to determine albums that wouldnít have been discovered without this label. So yes, hail this label and their strategy! The only thing left to say is that every fan of perfectly played Metal is obliged to purchase this one and to even prefer it above tons of new releases that are heading our way nowadays. Check or 

My Points: 93 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)