Metal To Infinity

What a strange name for a band that seems to aim for a larger crowd of music fans.  La Famiglia Superstar surprised me in two different ways. First, they bring melodic rock with a lot of Whitesnake influences, so ladies you’ve been warned! Secondly, this band has a guitarplayer that is playing the stars out of heaven.  Holy hell, this guy knows how to play the strings. Steve Saluto is responsible for very energetic and fascinating riffs, and above all: his solo’s are outstanding !!!  He played from Jazz to Pop to Rock and recorded already with the likes of Jeff Berlin, Danny Gottlieb, Darryl Jones, Buddy Miles, … and many more. Every song on this album contains his personal stamp and it felt great to listen and enjoy his musical escapades!  

The album starts with one of the best songs on this disc. ‘Never Enough’ represents perfect the whole direction of the band.  This songs has the typical style, and can be considered as a blueprint for the rest of the material. The vocals of Terry Ilous fit perfect with the musical style and although he has a lot of David Coverdale similarity, it’s like he’s doing it on purpose. Even the shabby lyrics are present!  The next song is called ‘Rain’ and starts with a lot of Jimi Hendrix influences.  This time, Lenny Wolf of Kingdom Come can be called as an influence, and again the guitar of Steve is frightening! After two, pretty heavy tracks, it seems to be time to slow down a bit.  

‘I Miss You’ is not bad, but I preferred the heavier approach of the first songs…  ‘What We Gonna Do’ has a special vibe! It has ‘a nightclub’ feeling, and we have to repeat  and underline the quality of the guitars!  It seems like Steve can’t be tamed, and that’s great to listen to!  Although he’s delivering the balls, this song is nothing more than a soft rocksong that might fit in the rotation of heavier radiostations. 

‘I Come Around’ is track 5, can be described as a slow down tune with a lack of energy.  The only positive about this song is (again): great guitar layers that lift this average tune to a higher level. The next one starts with acoustic guitars and some sing along chorus lines, but isn’t anything more than an amusement around the campfire.. ‘Can U Tell Me’ contains more power and groove and the lyrics and vocal chords are bursting out into a great melody line that gives an extra boost to this track. Again, we get the obliged guitar work and this track can be defined as one of the best songs on La Famiglia Superstar.  

We mentioned already a few times Whitesnake, and it’s no surprise at all that there is also a cover on this album.  ‘Here I Go Again’ is the choice of the band, and I really wonder if that was the perfect match. The original is so cool and so determinate that it’s not an easy task to approach the quality and sound of the original.  I must admit that the version of L.F.S. is totally twisted into another arrangement, and that’s a good move.  Check it out and you will be surprised what the band did with the original!  Not all the surprises are mentioned, as the next song ‘The Wind’ is sung in French!  I believe that the voice of Terry fits better to the English language…  

To end this album, the guys also recorded an instrumental song called ‘Visions’, and this track has a very heavy start. I wish there was more of that material on this album. After the heavy riffing in the beginning we can hear a superb guitarsolo, and this proves the variation and diversity that this band is aware of!  Next time, I would like to hear more songs with a heavy punch, no French lyrics and of course another round of great guitars!   

My rating: 83 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)